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Originally Posted by Alakazam View Post
luckily, people are inventing new ways to play super smash bros. melee each day, and you could play it for the rest of your life without having to purchase another new nintendo game
Of course, that goes without saying. I guess you could say that about any video game.

however, i'd argue that ultimate is a much-improved version of 4 with better mechanics and more enjoyable characters, and that its DLC model is much more ethical than almost any other fighting game today. i can understand disliking certain elements of it, because i do too, but it's better to make peace with change
I guess I should have clarified: "Super Smash Bros." no longer has the passion it once did. "Brawl" had a story mode with cutscenes and co-op, boss battles with co-op, homerun contest with co-op, event mode with co-op, target smash with co-op, a list of video game release dates, masterpiece demos, and more. They poured their blood, sweat, and tears into that game.

"Wii U" was gimped due to the 3DS version, the menus are a nightmare to navigate, story mode wasn't added because Masahiro Sakurai didn't want people uploading cutscenes onto YouTube (and launched the game globally anyways), Target Test is an an "Angry Birds" rip-off, Palutena was revealed at E3 while gaming-icon PAC-MAN was revealed via a Twitter tweet, Stage Builder is gimped, Smash Tour had no thought put into it, purposley holding Mewtwo 'ransom' via Nintendo Account DLC exclusive...you get the idea. However, despite it flaws, it did try to improve upon a few things too: most Smash battles support up to 8 Players, home-run contest supports up 4 Players, and Event Mode has branching paths depending on difficulty.

"Ultimate" does almost everything bad: instead of trying to improve upon existing features or add new ones, they strip-down or remove them outright.

The Menus haven’t been fixed and they are worse now than they ever were before.
Way too many characters and clones – the over bloated roster may scare away newcomers.
Only 4 new stages – not to mention they choose PAC-LAND over PAC-MAZE. (WHY?)
Added Battlefield forms with Omega forms – this is a huge waste of development resources.
Assist Trophies are useless and Final Smashes are really lame. (Most are Omni Slash clones.)
600+ Trophies are removed for a bunch of 2D pieces of artwork they found with Google images.
Story Mode replaced with Event mode (with an unnecessary hub-world that’s slog to explore).
Spirits mode is too grindy and requires no thinking due to the "recommend" button.
Home Run Contest, Target Smash, Smash Tour, Smash Run, etc. were removed nor improved.
Stage builder should have been in the game from Day 1.
Graphical downgrade: Bowser is brown; Donkey Kong’s fur is gone, washed-out colors, etc.
The characters/stages are no longer sorted by series on the Character/Stage Select screen.
Characters can no longer run past each other, making fast characters pretty much useless.
There are even more gimmicky characters (King K. Rool’s belly armor, Inkling’s limited ink, etc.)
The camera zooms in and time slows down when connecting hard hitting moves = annoying.
Player has TOO MUCH control over the pause screen camera: can see out-of-bounds dev tools. (Made worse with VR.)
Certain characters now take damage while in water (Charizard, Incineroar, Inkling, and Sonic).
Flat Zone 1 & 2 = Flat Zone X (3DS/Wii U), but Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2 weren’t combined.
There are still only TWO Final Fantasy songs…are you ****ing kidding me?
There are no new Solid Snake [David Hayter] lines – Codecs still refer to this game as “Brawl”.
Voices: Fox, Falco, Wolf = fixed – Pokémon Trainer (Male), Ike, Wii Fit Trainer (Both) = worse.
The getting dizzy and taunt animations are sped up for no reason and they look awful.
Taunts and victory animation voice clips no longer match up (due to new taunts/victory screen).
Offline Tournaments return, but Online Tournaments are gone (Wii U had opposite problem).
DLC means this isn’t the “Ultimate” Super Smash Bros. game…it is still ‘incomplete’.

Not to mention "Brawl" was delayed 3 times while "Wii U" and "Ultimate" weren't even delayed once, despite clearly needing more work. I could go on, but you get the point.

Originally Posted by @ View Post
I was hanging on every word until you said Tooie was a perfect game
Originally Posted by Alakazam View Post
banjo-tooie is great because it's not perfect
its imperfections make it the wonderful work of art it is

i will die on that hill
No, there's no such thing as a perfect game, but man...you cannot ignore how technologically advance it was for it's time. "Banjo-Tooie" feels organic, something many video games lost over time. While I understand Nintendo's whole 'Japanese Box Garden' view-the-map-from-any-corner approach in game design - the end result is just a tiny level floating in mid-air. I don't think we've had a video as technologically advanced as "Banjo-Tooie" since "Breath of the Wild" (running on Wii U hardware no less!).

Compare Nintendo's mountain level.
With Rare's mountain level.

In Rare's mountain level, you could explore the inside, not just the outside. As amazing as the "Mario" platforming franchise is, it could benefit so much more if they just added walls and ceilings. (That's what the rotating camera and first person view are for!)

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
I'm usually not too crazy about DLC either, not going as far as refraining from buying games that you would deem incomplete but just generally opposed the idea. It takes a lot for me to buy DLC, I would need to really REALLY love the game involved*, but when the DLC is Banjo-Kazooie coming back to a Nintendo console that's a whole other ball game.

That is worth paying for. That is a big deal especially in our community.

*I really REALLY loved Smash before BK was announced.
Don't get me wrong: I think every "Super Smash Bros." game improves upon the next: "Wii U" is better than "Brawl" and "Ultimate" is better than "Wii U"...gameplay wise. Mode wise, I think it's pretty lacking. Roster-wise, despite being bloated, is the best in the series. Characters like Ridley and King K. Rool (that should've been in the series 15 years ago) finally made it in. Other characters fans wanted in the Fighter Ballot were finally added. Banjo & Kazooie made it in, that's awesome. Yet I can't help but have this feeling that they held Banjo 'ransom' the same way they did Cloud Strife for Wii U (Mewtwo eventually added for free), so Players could pay up. They already know which characters fans want and which ones they don't (Piranha Plant).

I don't hate the concept of DLC either. The ability to add more content to a game months, even years, after it was released is incredible! If you told me that I was going to wake up and see that Nintendo was adding a new dungeon to "Ocarina of Time" in my latest issue of Nintendo Power, I would've flipped out. My problem with DLC is that it's a limited-time digital-only offer...unless the developers themselves choose to be generous to us and give us the full package.

I love the Nintendo Switch. I think it's the best thing to happen to the gaming industry: a portable system that can play console-level games that can also hook up to your TV. It made consoles irrelevant and I feel it's the only true competitor, or maybe I should say companion, to the PC. I don't like the direction Nintendo is headed in. They think they can sell us an unfinished product for $60 and then update it later to make it validate that price. DLC isn't bad, but I do wish video game companies would approach it differently. If video game companies started releasing their games for half the price ($30) digital-only, and then added updates and DLC, and then released a $60 finished version physically and digitally - then I would have no problem.

EDIT: I need a Username badly. Once I do, I should probably make a blog to archive my thoughts. Most of what I've said in my posts are stuff I typed in Word Documents years ago. I try to archive all of my thoughts.

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To address exactly one point of your essay: I'm certain that making the Battlefield forms of stages didn't take many resources at all. It's just adding 3 platforms to every stage, in the exact same position every time. They probably got an intern to do it.
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I will at least confess that I too have some gripes about the way B and K look in Smash during gameplay. But I didn't want to say anything, so as not to be a party pooper. Kazooie's hair looks weird. Their proportions don't feel right, at all. But that may just be because I'm accustomed to 3D models that were made back in 1998, for God's sake.
They overall seem to have a very Japanese spin to their designs, and that just doesn't work with them. They look odd, somehow, next to all the other characters. Spiral Mountain looks...wrong, but I'm not knocking it.

...However, if 'Kazooie's hair looks weird' is the best grouse I can stir up, then that my friends is what we call NITPICKING and we don't DO that when our beloved avian and ursine buddies have FINALLY made it into Smash Bros. like goddamn, I'm as happy as a clam. My excitement far outweighs anything else. They obviously put a lot of love and care into putting these guys in, which is all I ever asked for, and more.

Besides, in certain lights they actually do look gorgeous. LOOK AT THIS RENDER! LOOK AT IT!!!!!

It's amazing!
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Frozen was 6 years ago.
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yeah i get that DLC isn't forever, i've seen it firsthand with umvc3, but nothing is made to last anymore anyway. i bring up melee in particular because its depth and playerbase are much richer than other games, but yeah, you actually could pick any old game and play it forever. that's why i've put 500-1000 hours into ISS64 just since the 2018 world cup

that's why i don't think it's worth it to get mad at ultimate, a party/tournament game, for having little single player content. there are more singleplayer games out there than you'll ever play, and ultimate was made with the competitive player in mind. (for once!)

forget about the hit or miss, our naivety was bliss
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Banjo mf'ing Kazooie is in Smash. I don't think anything else needs to be analyzed or said. $5.99 ain't no thang but a breegull wang.
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Holy heck... TRBB, this is the first Banjo in a video game that we've had in over 10 years, not counting re-releases. I can understand being critical of the style it is done in (such as the NaB style), but everything they did in the trailer was paying homage to how Banjo used to be.

Banjo being in Smash is great news, even if you don't like Smash. It means that Banjo is in something, which is great.
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Unfortunately that render will need typical ugly plastic support on the amiibo.
Nothing to see here.
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im happy
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