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Old 1st August 2006, 10:44 PM
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Banjo Kazooie / Tooie Discussion FAQs, Archive Guide, and Locked Topic Info Desk

Temporary home of this page. Will be moved to Banjo Discussion upon completion.
V1.0: (8/1/06) All pages added. Q&A added.

Welcome to the Brand spankin’ new Banjo Discussion FAQs and Research headquarters! Well, it’s been awhile since the release of Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and even the more recent Grunty’s Revenge. In that time we’ve accumulated a lot of information on these subjects and to prevent repeat topics from popping up about the same stuff we’ve created this page. Here you’ll find a wealth of information ranging from FAQs to old SnS theories to other important matters in RWP history. This page will be updated constantly to reflect new topics and discoveries!

Rules of the FAQs page and overall Banjo Discussion:
1) Please do not bump any pages that are outdated. While we discourage making topics about old covered stuff, if you have new information on a subject feel free to create a thread. Just don’t rehash old information.
2) Repeated bumping of old threads is bad. It leads to warnings. Warnings can eventually lead to suspensions and bannings.
3) Don’t talk about Fight Club.
4) SnS theories are good, but please PLEASE use common sense.
5) Think.


A huge thanks to X (Ecks, Eck Dee, etc) for a huge amount of help with this FAQs! The Q/A section would be barren without you!

The BK Q&A:
Q: To solve Stop n Swap maybe you need to take out the Banjo-Pilot cartidge and switch it with Grunty's Revenge?
A: Nope, this theory is false.

Q: I just got done reading the interview between some guy and an ex-Rare employee that explained how to see images of Stop n Swap. Is this story true? (A note: This is also known as the Club Joe Interview.)
A: Nope that story is a fake.

Q: Do Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie have game soundtracks that I can buy?
A: Yes, you should be able to find them online at a site such as http://www.amazon.com.

Q: How do I get a 5 star rating on Grunty's Revenge?
A: You have to beat the game with all items in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Q: Is there a way to connect or switch out my Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie/Donkey Kong 64 catridges to reveal SnS?
A: No, there is not.

Q: Were can I download a emulator for Banjo Tooie? I've been looking everywhere!?
A: We're not allowed to tell you how to obtain an emulator, but I'm sure http://www.google.com would be glad to help.

Q: I'm playing Banjo-Pilot and I am on the Rare Time Trial. How to I beat it?
A: All you can do is 1) Be Persistent, 2) Get the start boost and 3) look for the glowbos.

Q: Where can I find an mp3 of the Grunty Industries song? Or any other song or video?
A: They can be found on the downloads page, which is located here: http://www.therwp.com/downloads.php.

Q: I heard there was a Banjo game for cellphones?
A: Yes, it's called Banjo-Kazooie: Missions. You can find more information on it here: http://www.gamespot.com/mobile/actio...zooiemissions/.

Q: How do you change the actions of Banjo and Kazooie in the beginning game menu?
A: Here are the 3 things you can do:
1: The Bed: Wait until the fish hits the side of the bowl for the third time, and at that exact moment, press A.
2: The Wall: Same, wait for the 3rd tap, hit A. The wall rotates and banjo gets stuck behind it.
3: The Chair: Wait for the 3rd "boing" from the GB, and press A at that moment. The chair will pop up on a spring and banjo will go flying.
(Edit: May be random; confirm/deny?)

Q: There's SnS hope.
A: False, lolololo.

Q: Is there a GS code to open up some of the beta levels in BK and BT?
A: No, the closest thing is the BK test map, more information on it can be found here: http://www.rarewitchproject.com/spec...p?id=bktestmap.

Q: Has anyone ever noticed that when you choose to learn the moves at the begining and learn the beak barge Kazooie calls Bottles JamJars which is Bottles' brother in BT?
A: Kazooie is using "Jamjars" as an insult and is basically telling him he needs to shut up.

Q: What if you got all the jiggies, notes and mumbo tokens, and then proceded to clear every single space on the entire Grunty's Furnace Fun game board? Does it do anything?
A: No, it wouldn't matter if you cleared every single space on the board. When you finish the quiz, they all clear automatically.

Q: I saw the name Steve Malpass on the credits, who is he?
A: Steve Malpass is a longtime Rare employee. He's noted for doing the voice of Fox in Starfox Adventures, and doing some voices in Perfect Dark, including Elvis' and Grimshaw's.

Q: Has anyone been on a tour of Rareware Ltd?
A: http://www.rare-extreme.com/?section...rand_tour.html.

Q: What makes my SNS ? eggs spin at different directions on the Stop n Swap menu?
A: Nothing, it is completely random.

Q: Can the chest in Mad Monster Mansion be opened?
A: Nope.

Q: Has anybody ever actually tried hot-swapping?
A: Yes, and no it didn't work.
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Old 1st August 2006, 10:44 PM
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The Banjo Discussion Q/A:

Q: How did you guys find out about the Red, Yellow, Cyan, and Green eggs when it was never in the ending?
A: Lots of messing around with ARs and luck.

Q: How long did it take you guys to find out the cheats to get the Ice Key and the eggs?
A: After we knew what we were looking for, it only took about 2 days.

Q: What do you use to make the videos? Digital camera or an emulator?
A: They're all done with a capture card that takes footage from the N64 on the tv. You can get a capture card at a local electronics store such as best buy or circuit city.

Q: How do I send in a question to the "letters" page?
A: Everybody can send letters to Letters@rarewitchproject.com.

Q: I was playing BK yesterday, and then I suddently found a new secret door in the game! When you first enter CCW, there is trees for every season. Now, turn into a bee, and go to the center tree. Use the C buttons to freelook, and look over the autumn tree, up in the ceiling. Then you see a hidden door.
A: This theory has been proven false, no door exists.

Q: I want to access Sharkfood island (Shown in the ending sequence), what are the codes?
A: D0281251 0010
8037E8F4 0001
D0281251 0010
8037E8F5 008F
D0281251 0010
8037E8F6 0000

Q: I have heard that it's possible to play as Grunty if you beat the game 3 times. I have also heard that you can play as boggy. Is this true?
A: Nope sorry, you cannot play as Grunty or Boggy, regardless of how many times you beat the game.

Q: In Click Clock Wood, can I enter in Gnawty's house in spring?
A: This one is a bit tricky, but can be done. Stand on the ledge right above the entrance to Gnawty's house, and lay eggs until one of them hits the boulder blocking the hole. The inside wasn't meant to be accessed in Spring though, so there is nothing in there of interest and is not finished.

Q: Can I destroy the beauty machine in Grunty's lair? And what about the doors near it?
A: Neither can be destroyed.

Q: Is there any sort of co-op or 2 player mode for BK, accessable with a GS?
A: Nope, sorry.

Q: In Banjo-Pilot, is it possible to beat bottles times on the tracks? How is it possible to play as Bottles without cheating?
A: Bottles is unlocked after all the grand prix and jiggy challenges are completed. Bottles' times can be beaten easiest as Bottles.

Q: Is this trick real? http://www.rarewitchproject.com/foru...90&postcount=1
A: This theory was proven false.

Q: Gameshark hackers have uncovered several missing tracks in some of your N64 games, such as, 'Advent' and 'Mumbo's Raindance' in Banjo-Kazooie. Were these for levels that remained unfinished; or tracks that you didn't deem worthy of the soundtrack? (Fishonthecarpet)
A: Hello Fishonthecarpet, I think 'Advent' was a tune that was supposed to be played on a map page in Dream but never got used in Banjo. 'Mumbo's Raindance' was to be used when Mumbo did a raindance, but I don't think we ever got as far as actually putting it together. I think the artist did animate it but I don't remember seeing it. (Rareware)

Q: I saw a video where Banjo and Kazooie were in Banjo-Kazooie and they walked right into Banjo-Tooie. Is this a hoax?
A: Yes.

Q: What is on top of the Flume of Doom?
A: There is nothing there.

Q: What purpose does Blackeye the Pirate serve?
A: He serves no purpose other than to confuse you.

Q: How do you get Bottles Revenge? Is there a code?
A: Yes there are GS/AR codes, please check the main site at http://www.rarewitchproject.com

Q: Why do you have extra dabloons in BT's Jolly Roger's Bay?
A: To make the game easier, the extra dabloons serve no purpose.

Q: How do you fix Jolly's Jukebox?
A: With a code in the code chamber (If you've been told the code type in JUKEBOX, If you haven't been told the code type in CHEATOXOBEKUJ).

Q: Do you see Gobi again after you save him from the Witchyworld?
A: Yes, he's in the train station in Hailfire Peaks you use him to cool the engine.

Q: How do you flood Mumbo's Mountain?
A: With some Gameshark codes (check the Hacking forum for these codes).

Q: I saw a video where there were a lot of Purple Dragons on Mumbo Mountain. BK killed them and a Jiggy appeared. Hoax?
A: Definitely a hoax.

Q: What’s the deal with Bottle’s Revenge?
A: Please see the main Rarewitch Project page for more information on this 2 player co-op mode that allows controls over Devil Bottles.

Q: Is there anything behind the rocks in Grunty’s Lair? (BT)
A: As these wonderful screenshots clearly show, there is nothing behind the rocks

Q: Is there a Glowbo Cave/RSA/etc?
A: Short of the RSA (Really Secret Area), these other places don’t exist. The RSA only exists in text form through silo hacking (and the Glowbo Cave I believe only shows up in hex editing as a single line of text.)

Q: Are there reset codes for BK/BT to remove the eggs/reset the game?
A: Yes, but only through Gameshark/AR codes. At the current time, this is what has been pulled up from the various threads:
Full reset of game (everything) BK: 81283220 0000
Reset code for US BK (SnS items only): 81283400 0000 (Only on revision 1.0 apparently)

For more code information, please view the main RWP site at Rarewitch Project Codes.

Q: Were there any differences between the revisions?
A: Not that we’re really aware of, although that information has been lost to time. Any information on this subject would be appreciated to help update this FAQ.

Q: So have you seen the Banjo Thre-
A: Yes. Yes we have. Multiple times. It’s a great flash animation, but there’s been like a million threads on it already.

Q: But…
A: Bad panda.

Q: Don't you find it odd that the Treasure chest in MMM in BK is small, and the Treasure chest in BT near Blackeye is big? Because if the theory that the ice keys were once used for opening those is true, then wouldn't that mean the Ice key in BT(small) would be used in MMM via SNS, and the ice key in BK(large) would be used for the larger treasure chest in BT?
A: I really don't think they're related at all.

Q: Have you ever thought of the possibility that there are 6 more eggs in BT? Considering the fact that they just unlocked something in BT (Bottles revenge) that was thought to be completely gone, I wouldn't be surprised.
A: I don't think that Banjo-Tooie is part of the equation because SNS was removed from the game. Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie are going to be your best shot at finding something new. I believe that Banjo-Tooie was supposed to have the six eggs and then Donkey Kong have the Ice Key.

Q: What are the sandcastle codes for Banjo-Kazooie to get the SNS eggs and Ice Key?

Q: Is there anything on the cliff ledge of the log ride in Banjo-Tooie?
A: No, using a clockwork Kazooie egg or the moon jump cheat code, one can simply go ontop of the ledge to find nothing of significant revelance.

Q: Is there anything on the ledges near the ceiling of the Treasure Trove Cove enterance in Banjo-Kazooie?
A: Again, with simply moon-jump technology cheat coding, one can see that there is nothing on the ledges. Banjo can't even fit his body on the small ledge let alone clip onto it.

Q: Is there any entrance to the waterfall caves in Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie?
A: No, with the handy moon-jump cheat code, one can reach atop the waterfall caves and find that they are simply 2D walls.

Q: How do I delete the SnS items?
A: You need a gameshark using a code found on this site.

Q: Is Tooty in Banjo-Tooie?
A: No. Only in cameo of Banjo's wrecked house in a picture and on a milk carton in Cloud Cuckooland.
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Essential Links:
The Rarewitch Project: Just in case you didn’t know there was a front page
Rarewitch Project GS/AR Codes
The Rare Witch Wiki Project: A huge source of information.
QQwref’s history of SnS: A useful backlog of general SnS information.
The Grey Jinjo: This is the Grey Jinjo. It’s very old. I think you should PM Grey Jinjo about updating this. Multiple times that is.
Banjordan’s Beta BK/BT: Old as dirt, but still has a ton of important stuff.
The old Banjo FAQs: Kind of outdated, but has an absolute ton of information. Please read this one as well.
Hatrickpatrick’s huge thread of stuff: This is so huge it’s not even funny. A definite thing to read though if you have the time.

The Useful Resources stack

Necro’d Thread: June 05: Text found in BT indicating Grunty’s Lair: Tower Room
March 06: Nothing behind the door near Grunty Industries
February 06: Nothing behind the rocks in the lair.
December 05: Odd locations resulting from Bottle’s Revenge
October 05: Reused textures: The end cutscene beach and RBB
May-August 05:
Beta JRL pipe information
August 05: Loading Spiral Mountain’s Bridge
August 05: Loading Spiral Mountain’s Bridge
July 05: JRL seagulls: The area near lagoon (flows into Blackeye discussion)
July 05: User generated stuff from the texture editor
July 05: Information on BK demo controls
July 04: The adult humor of the BK series.
June 04: Although posted by a spammer, contains valuable information on the railroad tracks near Grunty Industries
April 04: Discussion about Post SnS RWP. Mostly old information but still worth reading.
Necro’d Thread October 03: Flying bad guy at bottom of cliff; no real explanation expect scenery
September 03: Fighting Grunty again in BK (Not possible without GS/AR)
September 03: Archives: Old Rareware stuff on BK/BT.
August 03: Q/A: Information about hacking and the BK/BT carts themselves.
August 03: Can You Erase SnS (GS code inside)
August 03: The Slope Test room and speculation about other digits

Speculation and Questions:

July 05: Tower knocker door discussion
July 05: Ice Cave and the Rareware swap patent
July 05: JRL Seagull glitch discussion
July-December 05: Odd freeze digits in level modifier. (Floorless Banjo’s House; Spiral Mountain)
October 05: Grunty’s MMM gate: Nothing behind it.
September 05: Freezeeasy Peak and Bottles House stuff
September 05: Fungi Forest Speculation
August 05: Empty ledge that’s hard to reach in Grunty’s Lair (BK)
August 05: Empty ledge that’s hard to reach in Grunty’s Lair (BK)
July 05: Question about moonjumping, Atlantis and Mumbo’s hut
July 05: Areas in CCW at times other than…well just read the thread.
July 05: Wozza’s cave speculation
July 05: Two questions about Levitating and pumpkin transformations
February-April 04: Never confirmed information about a Rareware interview. Long topic alert.
April 04: Some Blackeye research
February 04: Short topic on Silo 8/9.
October 03: OMG it’s the Great Pumpkin
September 03: Fungi Forest; Ice pwns some noob.
August 03: TTC picture in BT’s Hag 1? (Answer: no, but there are battery ads inside.)
August 03: DK/BK connection?
August 03: DK64 and BK: Just stuff?
August 03: This has a lot of words and I posted in it. It’s probably important.

2004 information:
Hidden tracks 'o fun
WOW: Guys, check if this is true. Possible B3 revealed!
04: New secret found in BK! (Old)
I want play at the island of the end of Banjo-Kazooie
Grunty in BT playable!
Co-op / multiplayer mode in BK, with GS code?
Interesting stuff in Banjo-Pilot's memory. *SPOILERS*

The secret to GR's 5-star system revealed!

Stop n' Swap theories
I want to see BT/BK bugs
Banjo Kazooie: missions - BK come to moblie. did anyone hear about this?
Banjo Pilot - Time Trial Records
http://www.rarewitchproject.com/foru...ead.php?t=1634where is the best place..
A couple of questions..
SNS: Some answers = more questions
Grunty's funace fun
Questions.. who is steve malpass?
Not sure what I found here..
Text in memory
tour of rareware ltd. (May be fake)
Who are these guys?
rare's data swopping patent
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The large stack of SnS theories

July 06: Odd extension of land in JRL
July 06: Daydream’s SnS ideas.
June 06: A Pinkbull theory.
April 06: BGS crocodile eyes: SnS related? You decide.
November 05: Evil Psycho’s SnS theories: Various ideas
November 05: Extra keys: No.
November 05: Some kind of SnS editorial. Long post ahead
October 05: Game and Watch’s theory on item order.
August 05: The ? marks around Grunty’s Furnace Fun
August 05: 64DD and SnS speculation
August 05: 64DD and SnS speculation
July 05: Speculation on why SnS could still be there
July 05: Ice Key access theory…Banjo’s banjo successfully derails another thread.
July 05: SnS cutscenes? No.
July 05: Extra ice in the scenery.
August 04: Possible reason as to why SnS fell through: Rambus. Long topic alert.
July 04: Something about MMM windows. Not completely SnS related.
August 03: A very short conversation about the background private room in Blubber's.
Aug/Sep 03: Fake Rareware interview? (Dead link anyways, but decent discussion still)
August 03: (One Disc BK/BT Remake)

The other stuff that’s old but still worth a look:

April 06: BT speed runs and the like
April 06: The Banjo-Threeie Flash Animation Discussion Thread. 1 of a million.
05: More Adult humor in the BK series
December 05: Full reset code for BK (PAL VERSION ONLY)
October 05: Lament makes a thread worth noting even if it is 4 years late. (Breaking the CCW boulder in Spring)
August 05: JRL float glitch
August 05: Old BK/BT commercials
August 05: BK texture mapping by cyberen
August 05: Small amount of info on how the RWP video were created. (Only one in particular)
July 05: Basic GS help
November 03: Old thread about a DK test map.
October 03: This is a thread about Bottles.
October 03: Old Scribe answers and project cancellations (May or may not have dead links; didn’t check)
September 03: Initials on the wall in GR.
September 03: Grunty’s Revenge ending stuff and secrets (which are basically non-existant.)
September 03: Someone that was apparently here but waaaay before my time.
September 03: BK:GR Glitch.
August 03: Gold’s in Scribes!
August 03: Old stuff about the RWP videos and DivX help (very outdated)
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Locked Topic Information Desk

Locked Topic information:

-All topics older than 2 months: In order to prevent bumping issues with ancient topics, most are locked after two months of non-use.
-Spam topics: Any topic that really doesn't add anything. No sarcasm, no faqs, nothing. These are usually either locked or deleted on sight.

Specific Locked Topics and the reasons they were locked:
-JRL: Blubber's Wave Racer Hire: This topic has sadly been covered many times. While I'm usually cool with older stuff being redone, this one never resulted in anything as the "Private" door is simply a texture built right into the wall.

-Omg! Stop N' Swop!: This thread sort of spiraled out of control. Also the Star Spinner slow down trigger is one of the most frequently covered topics here on the RWP...

-Klockwork Kaboom!: There's not really much left to say about this topic (It's also one of those topics that comes up every week as well.)

-Behind the Transformation Room Doors: LaorBR explains it nicely as the topic was covered only a few days before.

-I got all the Egg plus the Ice Key on a 0% file: The entire topic speaks for itself.
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So I'm running out of room in a lot of areas:

8/14/06 Updates:

-Good links
You Tube videos: Pulled from the "This is extremely funny but true" thread. Has a full listing of various innuendos and such. (As well as the old BT commercial.)
Club Joe Interview = Fake: Awhile back a thread had popped up that linked to something of the interview variety. Said interview was not real, but it was a good laugh had by all. This thread explains that this is not real information. (Added 8/16/06)

Speculation & Questions:
-Hatrick's SnS thread v2.0: The Updated version of the old thread.
-BanjoPLs Tower of Theories: This is a tower made out theories or possibly theories made out of towers. Or it could just be a huge collection of SnS/BR/etc. ideas. (Added 8/16/06)

New! Happenings:
-The Great BK Investigation: An organized effort to map just about everything wierd in the game.
-The Current Screenshot Manipulation Thread: We've had a lot, but this one is the active one. Be it photochoppery, hex manipulation or MSPaintery, this is the place to be.
-The Trivia Thread: The currently running BK trivia thread. It's not your typical, run-of-the-mill style game though...

New! The Pile of Absolute WTFery
-Dance Dance Revulsion: MY EYES BLEED.
-Behold! The Power of...Swiss? Banjookie has made a cheese-like texture. Discuss here. (Or in every other thread he's posted it....)

(Further updates will appear here.)
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