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Old 2nd February 2017, 12:43 PM
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Conker Bad Fur's Day Translation

Hi all, and thanks for all the knowledge you shared since long time ago.
I recently plan to translate Conker BFD in my own language (F).

I work on the (U) rom of the game. Uncompress it with GEdecompressor (thanks to SubDrag and everyone involved in this project).
I found every texts I need to translate, texts marker to jump lines etc, make changes, inject in the rom and test, the part of the game is translated, what a good start, but :

Of course I do not touch the number of octet, replacing one letter by another one to translate, but sometimes when I make changes, the GEdecompress told me that the file I inject is larger than it should be. If i style inject it, sometimes the emulatore crash, sometimes it's goin on but I notcice strange things.

Exemple 1 : too much changes, and to much text will directly freeze the game. Nothing wrong with it, predictable.

Exemple 2 : Changes are done, GEdecompress tell that the file is larger, the game run on emulator, showing my translation, but it will squeeze an entire part of cinematics (here at the beginning, when conker phone to berri, everything is fine, then the bar cinematic, with soldier -> ok,then -SHOULD BE- when Conker is drunk at the bar, sayin he is leaving BUT instead of that it derectly trigger the next cinematic, drunk outside in front of the Signal) In the bar cinematic and out of the bar front of the signal are in two different and consecutives *.bin. Strangely, instead of crashing, it just skip the first one. Dunno what to think about it.

Exemple 3 : Changing even one letter on the title screen (mature audiance only, rumble pack, rare logo is a trademark... etc) is working but when I want to enter a game, the emulator stay in black, not launching cinematics, not starting a game (or new game), like it does not know where to go now, or which .bin to refer.

Here I'm. Hoping someone, maybe, has an idea to help me in my case : ).

Thank you !
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Old 2nd February 2017, 05:06 PM
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I'm afraid that GEDecompressor is designed to be a "starter tool". It doesn't rewrite the games tables or locations or shift parts of the ROM, so files cannot be bigger, and smaller files occasionally will hit an issue because of the way zlib decompress works. My guess is that smaller files would need the either hardcoded, or tables, need to be updated to reflect the correct size.

I do know there was an attempt to translate to Spanish and Russian. There is a Font tool I wrote for Conker, that's the only thing I did.

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Old 2nd February 2017, 09:30 PM
WinROR WinROR is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Thanks : ) !
I'll investigate about russian and spanish translation and try the tool you'd point !
I've a question about GEDecompressor, when I decompress conker, in GEDecompressor I can see a resume of what is in the .bin I'm pointing at. But isn't it a bit strange that when I replace a .bin in GEDecompressor by the exact same .bin decompressed, the resume is changed ?
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Old 3rd February 2017, 10:49 AM
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Join Date: Feb 2017
One very important question too, when I inject a modified file with GEDecompressor, sometimes it will say that it's larger. But what does it means ? I mean the file have the same volume and bytes than the previous one. Showing properties in windows it says that the octes numbers are identical. What is watching GEDecompressor to say it's larger ? And how can I verify this myself ?

Thanks a lot : )
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Old 5th February 2017, 08:23 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2017
It seems that the good way to not breaking the rom is to manually inject my modified .bin because "The tool will automatically compress the .bin files you dont need to compress them after you've edited them".

Now I have no clue at all about how to do that, because the only way I know so far IS the GEdecompressor
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