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Old 4th December 2008, 07:17 PM
Tails_155 Tails_155 is offline
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Lightbulb Hypothetical Thread - Any Lost Level

I'm certain, granted my luck... I'm posting this in the wrong spot...

anyway... here it goes....

Video games are plagued by fragments of levels lost due to time, lack of interest, or anything else that hindered its development... often fans consider these the coolest levels if they can play them... here's the hypothetical part...

What if (here we go...) somehow developers got together and agreed to bring back their lost levels in games... would they be so popular? or just fade out with the mystery leaving...

There are several examples, the two strongest examples in gaming are...

The game this site talks so much about: Banjo Kazooie, there's five, and none of the data is left over... but there is so 'much' known about them compared to some games... that they are a major point of focus.... but... if they were playable... would they really be fantastic? or is their absence their only claim to fame?

and... Sonic 2... there were several, mainly Hidden Palace Zone, Wood Zone, and Genocide City Zone... though there may be others (it's been a while since I saw Mr. Wai's site)
now... I believe that the HPZ from Sonic 2 was very cool, the colors were better in my opinion than in K, or 3&K... and the light up bridge.... oh... back on topic... however... if it were just another level... sure it might be a favorite... BUT... what would make it so famous to get pages about it? nothing... so...

in a game with beta levels which players have witnessed... if they were made (by some stroke of luck, a generous company, and perfect memory by the designers... hence the hypothetical part...) and we were allowed, today, to play them in full... would they truly stay famous... I mean sure a little bit of the prestige of their earlier life would follow them... but would it ruin the fun of all the theorizing?
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Old 10th December 2008, 01:11 AM
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Anyone have input? (Sorry for DP, I didn't see whether this board had a rule against it)
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