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Old 25th September 2011, 02:08 PM
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SSB64 codes(PAL)

Yep, i know, PAL again, sorry about it. Anyway, i've been meaning to post these for a long while, but just never got around doing it. Here they are:
(if any of the debug codes have already been ported, please let me know)
Combat Debug(PAL)[Ported by C.Guru]
800AD330 0005
System Debug(PAL)[Ported by C.Guru]
800AD330 0004
Press D-pad Down for Combat Debug(PAL)[Ported by C.Guru]
D00458E8 0004
800AD330 0005
Press D-pad Up for System Debug(PAL)[Ported by C.Guru]
D00458E8 0008
800AD330 0004
P1 Emblem and Indicator Color Modifier[C.Guru]
800AD590 00XX
P1 Icon Toggle(VS mode only)[C.Guru]
800AD591 000X
0 - off
1 - on
P1 Type Modifier[C.Guru]
800AD58A 000X
0 - HMN
1 - COM
2 - Not
3 - Demo
4 - Key
5 - Gamekey
P1 color Modifier(PAL)[Ported By C.Guru]
800AD58E 000X
Death Boundary Position Modifier[C.Guru]
810EFF0E 4000
Affects the fighting view as well, but players won't die when going further from either side, since the "die instruction" thingie when going too far to the sides of the screen appears not to be part of the viewing area.
Also seems to freeze the game sometimes when about to start a match if it's set at a higher value, like 40A0.
knockback Delay Modifier[C.Guru]
810EF376 XXXX
affects the time it takes for players to react(depending on the damage percentage.) to any kind of hit,
attack, or something. default value is 3F80
Music Is Feeling Bad[C.Guru]
8102B948 2407
8102B94A 0000
Music Pitch Modifier[C.Guru]
8102B9A8 2418
0000 - default
Music Tempo Modifier[C.Guru]
3F80 - default
Music stops after it reaches it's end[C.Guru]
81028C90 2402
81028C92 0002
Music Echo Modifier[C.Guru]
8102BD00 3C06
8102BD02 000X
0 - none
1 - A little bit of echo
2 - Echo
3 - more echo(might permanently stop music if too many sound effect are playing, especially the fighting sounds(they're often the reason why some notes in songs mute).)
4 and higher are likely to hang the music. Blame the games audio for being so weak, not me.
Sfx Pitch Modifier[C.Guru]
81027756 XXXX
810277F2 XXXX
FAEC - default
Sfx modifier V1.0 [C.Guru]
81027778 2404
8102777A 0XXX
No need to reset game, it takes effect the moment you turn it on.
Example Values:
0B8 - Results sfx(1P mode)
198 - Kirby(voice)
1FA - "Versus.."(announcer)
203 - "Training mode!"(announcer)
20A - "Complete!"(announcer)
243 - Yoshi(voice)
24E - Yoshi(voice)
250 - Yoshi(voice)
25A - Yoshi(egg pop)
261 - crowd cheer
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Old 25th September 2011, 04:32 PM
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Cool! I'll have to try these out next time I play SSB!
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