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Mario It's Mario's 35th! Time to discuss all things about your favorite Mushroom Kingdom plumber!

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Old 21st August 2023, 05:38 PM
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Charles Martinet Steps Down

Charles Martinet, beloved voice actor of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, their baby selves, Toadsworth, and more, has stepped down from voice acting for Nintendo. Instead, he'll remain with them as a Mario Ambassador. Nintendo has confirmed he is not in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

I've cried so much this morning.

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Old 21st August 2023, 06:22 PM
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Wowie Zowie!

I wish him all the best on a well earned retirement.
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Old 21st August 2023, 09:15 PM
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May he bing bing wahoo off into the sunset, an absolute legend for all time
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Old 22nd August 2023, 04:00 AM
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he did great and is a GOAT. Good for him for getting some rest.
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Old 27th August 2023, 09:29 PM
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So long, gay bowsa. <3
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