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Old 20th February 2011, 05:04 AM
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DKC3 GBA Level Mod Trev's Test lvl and Sprite Grid

Doneky Kong Country 3 for GBA's level digits contain 2 programmer only levels, but they are pretty dull. But I went to the effort of finding it so will post about it.

The Sprite grid is playable, but not with the Kongs, you control something with a hook like a seat? I thought it was K. Rools, I really don't know what it is. And all that it does is spin around at each button press.

The Trev's test (Trevor Attwood is the lead programmer for the game) level is like not even a level (well what was left in anyways) just a blank background and doesn't look like it's playable as there isn't any level objects... And the kongs aren't even displayed. I was hoping for something good with Trev's test level...Shame

Donkey Kong Country 3 GBA
Level Modifier
0300025C XX

Level digits straight from the game

01 Trev's Test Level
02 Lakeside Limbo
03 Doorstop Dash
04 Tidal Trouble
05 Skidda's Row
06 Murky Mill
07 Belchas' Barn - Boss
08 Barrel Shield Bust-Up
09 Riverside Race
0A Squeals on Wheels
0B Springin' Spiders
0C Bobbing Barrel Brawl
0D Arichs's Ambush - Boss
0E Bazza's Blockade
0F Rocket Barrel Ride
10 Kreeping Klasps
11 Tracker Barrel Trek
12 Fish Food Frenzy
13 Squirt's Showdown
14 Fire-Ball Frenzy
15 Demolition Drainpipe
16 Ripsaw Rage
17 Blazing Bazukas
18 Low-G Labyrinth
19 Kaos Karnage
1A Krevice Kreepers
1B Tearaway Toboggan
1C Barrel Drop Bounce
1D Krack Shot Kroc
1E Lemguin Lunge
1F Bleak's House
20 Dingy Drainpipe
21 Stormy Seas
22 Sunken Spruce
23 Cliffside Blast
24 Ripcurl Reef
25 Surf's Up
26 Barbos Barrier
27 Buzzer Barrage
28 Kong-Fused Cliffs
29 Floodlit Fish
2A Pot Hole Panic
2B Ropey Rumpus
2C Kroctopus Krush
2D Konveyor Rope Klash
2E Creepy Caverns
2F Lightning Lookout
30 Koindozer Klamber
31 Poisonous Pipeline
32 Kastle Kaos
33 Stampede Sprint
34 Criss Kross Cliffs
35 Tyrant Twin Tussle
36 Swoopy Salvo
37 Rocket Rush
38 Knautilus
39 BR1 Lakeside Limbo
3A BR2 Lakeside Limbo
3B BR1 Doorstop Dash
3C BR2 Doorstop Dash
3D BR1 Tidal Trouble
3E BR2 Tidal Trouble
3F BR1 Skidda's Row
40 BR2 Skidda's Row
41 BR1 Murky Mill
42 BR2 Murky Mill
43 BR1 Barrel Shield Bustup
44 BR2 Barrel Shield Bust Up
45 BR1 Riverside Race
46 BR2 Riverside Race
47 BR1 Squeals On Wheels
48 BR2 Squeals On Wheels
49 BR1 Springin Spiders
4A BR2 Springin Spiders
4B BR1 Bobbing Barrel Brawl
4C BR2 Bobbing Barrel Brawl
4D BR1 Bazza's Blockade
4E BR2 Bazza's Blockade
4F BR1 Rocket Barrel Ride
50 BR2 Rocket Barrel Ride
51 BR1 Kreeping Klasps
52 BR2 Kreeping Klasps
53 BR1 Tracker Barrel Trek
54 BR2 Tracker Barrel Trek
55 BR1 Fish Food Frenzy
56 BR2 Fish Food Frenzy
57 BR1 Fireball Frenzy
58 BR2 Fireball Frenzy
59 BR1 Demolition Drainpipe
5A BR2 Demolition Drainpipe
5B BR1 Ripsaw Rage
5C BR2 Ripsaw Rage
5D BR1 Blazing Bazukas
5E BR1 Low G Labyrinth
5F BR2 Low G Labyrinth
60 BR1  Krevice Kreepers
61 BR2 Krevice Kreepers
62 BR1 Tearaway Toboggan
63 BR2 Tearaway Toboggan
64 BR1 Barrel Drop Bounce
65 BR2 Barrel Drop Bounce
66 BR1 Krack Shot Kroc
67 BR2 Krack Shot Kroc
68 BR1 Lemguin Lunge
69 BR2 Lemguin Lunge
6A BR2 Dingy Drainpipe
6B BR1 Dingy Drainpipe
6C BR1 Stormy Seas
6D BR2 Stormy Seas
6E BR1 Sunken Spruce
6F BR2 Sunken Spruce
70 BR1 Cliffside Blast
71 BR2 Cliffside Blast
72 BR1 Ripcurl Reef
73 BR2 Ripcurl Reef
74 BR1 Surf's Up
75 BR2 Surf's Up
76 BR1 Buzzer Barrage
77 BR2 Buzzer Barrage
78 BR1 Kongfused Cliffs
79 BR2 Kongfused Cliffs
7A BR1 Floodlit Fish
7B BR2 Floodlit Fish
7C BR1 Pot Hole Panic
7D BR2 Pot Hole Panic
7E BR1 Ropey Rumpus
7F BR2 Ropey Rumpus
80 BR1 Konveyor Rope Klash
81 BR2 Konveyor Rope Klash
82 BR1 Creepy Caverns
83 BR2 Creepy Caverns
84 BR2 Lightning Lookout
85 BR1 Lightning Lookout
86 BR1 Koindozer Klamber
87 BR2 Koindozer Klamber
88 BR1 Poisonous Pipeline
89 BR2 Poisonous Pipeline
8A BR1 Stampede Sprint
8B BR2 Stampede Sprint
8D BR1 Criss Kross Cliffs
8E BR2 Criss Kross Cliffs
8F BR1 Tyrant Twin Tussle
90 BR2 Tyrant Twin Tussle
91 BR 3 Tyrant Twin Tussle
92 BR1 Swoopy Salvo
93 BR2 Swoopy Salvo
94 BR3 Swoopy Salvo
95 Exit Bazza's Blockade
96 Exit Fish Food Frenzy
97 Exit Floodlit Fish
98 Main World Map
99 Lake Orangatanga
9A Kremwood Forest
9B Cotton-Top Cove
9C Mekanos
9D K3
9E Pacifica
9F Razor Ridge
A0 Kaos Kore
A1 Krematoa
A2 Bonus - Collect Nanas
A3 Bonus - Collect Stars
A4 Bonus - Find Token
A5 Bonus - Find Token
A6 Bonus - Defeat Baddies
A7 Title Screen
A8 Bonus - Warp Room
A9 Bazaar Bear
AA Blue Bear
AB Blunder Bear
AC Boomer Bear
AD Benny Bear
AE Bjorn Bear
AF Bazooka Bear
B0 Brash Bear
B1 Blizzard Bear
B2 Batchelor Bear
B3 Barnacle Bear
B4 Baffle Bear
B5 Barter Bear
B6 Bramble Bear
B7 Cobra Track 0
B8 Cobra Track 1
B9 Cobra Track 2
BA DK Hut for intro (!Screen is blank - what intro lol was removed I think 'cos there isn't an intro in the GBA version)
BB Funky hut
BE Wrinkly Kong
BF Cranky's Dojo 1
C0 Cranky's Dojo 2
C1 Cranky's Dojo 3
C2 Cranky's Dojo 4
C3 Cranky's Dojo 5
C4 Cranky's Dojo 6
C5 Cranky's Dojo 7
C6 Cranky's Dojo 8
C7 Cranky Interior
C8 Diddymask Frontend
C9 Sw anky Kong (
CA Game Over Page
CB Banana Queen
CC Cave Bounty Beach
CD Cave Smuggler's Cove
CE Warning Page
CF Cave Arich's Hoard
D0 Cave Kong Cave
D1 Cave Undercover Cove
D2 Cave Bounty Bay
D3 Cave Sewer Stockpile
D4 Cave Glacial Grotto
D5 Cave Sky High Secret
D6 Cave Clifftop Cache
D7 Cave Hilltop Hoard
D8 Cave Belcha's Burrow 
D9 Cave Ks Kache
DB Sw ankys World 1
DC Sw ankys World 2
DD Sw ankys World 3
DE Sw ankys World 4
DF Sw ankys World 5
E0 Sw ankys World 6
E1 Sw ankys World 7
E2 Swan kys World 8
E3 End Sequence
E4 Exit Ripcurl Reef
E5 Cranky menu background
E6 funky  backdrop
E7 Sw a n ky Backdrop
E9 BR3 Stampede Sprint
EA Cobra Track 3
EB Cobra Track 4
EF Cranky's Dojo 9
Attached Images
File Type: png Donkey Kong Country 3 Sprite Grid.png (1.2 KB, 22 views)
File Type: png Trev's Test Level DKC3 for GBA.png (4.7 KB, 22 views)

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Old 24th February 2011, 12:37 AM
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Unrelated, but I'm sure there is a Trevs test level in Diddy Kong Racing DS, too.
Oich Oich.
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Old 24th February 2011, 10:09 PM
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Oh really... has it been hacked/unlocked?
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Old 24th February 2011, 10:31 PM
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Has this been done with the other two?
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Old 24th February 2011, 11:16 PM
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Formerly Spyke4995
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Location: the bin and I'm covered in paint
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To my knowledge, it has not been hacked or unlocked, Omega, but I've looked through the games files, and there are various test level files, like a Wish Race test, Trev test, Sound test, etc.

And the game does not like it when you swap these with other level files. Something like a level modifier code might work though, if one exists.
Oich Oich.
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Old 5th March 2011, 11:45 PM
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I have tried to hack a level mod for DKRDS, but was not successful.

Also, there is a beta level for the original DKC on the SNES - the prototype Dumb Drum arena seen in Nintendo Power 65

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