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Old 19th July 2010, 09:49 AM
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Anybody feel like looking into Clayfighter 63 1/3?

I recently downloaded the beta rom just to see what the differences were, and while there were some slight differences from the released product, such as how the combo system handled, nothing seemed changed. The one note worthy thing is that the secret options menu got an extra option called "Frosty is a hosehead" which is default to on. I am not sure what this does, I didn't notice it tweak anything in game. Clayfighter 63 1/3 always interested me as an N64 title because after so much work and so many issues with size constraints, a lot was tossed out last second and a lot of issues stuck in the game, as well as a lot not being said as to things included within the game. The game also has tons of weird glitches in there as well, since it was not a good game to begin with, but the one thing I did enjoy about it were the clay sculpted characters. It was a shame that one character, that being Hobo Cop, was completely tossed out from the game, even in the remake. I was hoping to dig something up from the beta since I really didn't want to believe there's nothing left in the game of him since when people reviewed it, he was still there. His removal from the game was literally last second, so I am sure somewhere in the game his sprites still remain. As for the other characters who were tossed out, they all at least reappeared in Sculptor's Cut.

The way sprites were pieced together in 63 1/3 makes building the actual sprites after dumping them a chore, since they're split into many separate pieces that are put together in game, so you get a bunch of slices vertically of a complete sprite in a disorganized manner. I am not very good and actually going through the textures in a rom file, I don't really know how to do that, so I am not completely sure what traces are left of some of the characters. People assumed nothing was left and they were wiped completely, but after messing around in the beta rom I noticed something with the default Gameshark codes offered. For the character modifier for player 1, a few values were skipped over for the character codes, for example Bad Mr. Frosty is 00. They all proceeded in order until a few hiccups, so I tried filling in what was skipped, and wouldn't you know it, it was exactly why I thought it was that way, those values were assigned to the characters they took out. How did I know? Because on the character select screen, while it didn't show their character sprite, it still showed their name. Names in this game aren't just generated through a font either, they have their own specific textures, and since these remain intact, it's kind of safe to assume that that means there's still remnants of these characters still in the game's data.

Go ahead and check it out, I've never seen these on any website before.

Sadly they aren't actually usable, with the code enabled they cause the sprite on the character select screen for your selected character to go off center, and once the fight begins it starts you as a green Bad Mr. Frosty. I always thought it was strange that the green one is shown in the portrait and is chosen as a replacement for the missing characters, but his default color when selected reverts to blue. While Clayfighter 63 1/3 is a pretty bad game, there's so much hidden within it that was never exposed and I'd love to just see what else was put into this game that players never witnessed. Even with Sculptor's Cut, there were finishing moves that players knew of but still to this day do not know how to perform. There's so much hidden content within both the Clayfighter 63 1/3 beta as well as Sculptor's Cut that I think may be interesting for people savvy enough to look into. It'd be great for people to finally see that unused sprite of Hobo Cop if it's really in there.

So is anyone up for looking even deeper into this?
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