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Old 21st February 2011, 10:10 PM
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Mischief Makers AR/GS codes (PAL)

Well, unrelated to CBFD, but i thought i'd share some GS codes i made for Mischief Makers, an quite obscure video game released for the N64, and i suppose this game isn't widely known. Look up "Mischief Makers" on wikipedia for more info about it... Anyway, on with the codes:

Pitch Modifier[C.Guru]
810A5BD2 3F80
default value is 3F80(Do note however, if you go into any level that has the "elevator" music playing, if the
modifier is set to a higher value, like say 3FA0 or somewhere like that, after the track have played once,
and is going to loop again, the game mysteriously locks up. This only happens with this specific song, and i
don't know the cause. However, lower values are oddly safer to use, much to my confusion.)
Song Pitch Modifier[C.Guru]
810E01A0 3F80
an older version of the pitch modifier mentioned above, and it's not very properly sounding.
Default value is 3F80, but when set higher or lower, the music sounds weirder and the instruments pitch
incorrectly and other miseffects. i mean, by just setting the digits to as either 3F7F or 3F81 makes the
music go wacky! But you can try this code out too if you'd like.
Separate pitch Modifiers:
Note..: these codes only take effect by either reloading a savestate or resetting the game.
Pitch Modifier(Music)[C.Guru]
810A44BE 3F80
Pitch Modifier(Sound effects)[C.Guru]
810A3AF2 3F80
--The following codes below won't work in certain cutscenes like the ending sequence.--
Idle Timer Mod?(for Marina)[C.Guru]
810E1192 ????
A little tip; setting the value to 033D will make Marina start singing the instant you stop
moving her.(how she originally sang in the original Japanese version i don't really know, but the voice she
makes in the english localizations only plays once, and nothing else after that.. The notes she whistles still show up though.)
Marina Animation Modifier[C.Guru]
810E11B0 ????
It's quite buggy though, so it unfortunately isn't working at 100%.. I will look at it again later and see if i
can fix the code.
Marina Size Modifier[C.Guru]
810E1160 3F80
**810E1164 3F80**
**810E1168 3F80**
Modifies Marina in both size, speed and collision(only applies to the first line)
The lines marked with ** around them only modify the sprite size of Marina, and it makes her sprite look
buggy(Believe me, it will almost look like the sprite is moving by itself)
My Conker Blog: http://alliehimself.wordpress.com/
Not much there now, but i'll be on my way to expand it with information.

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Old 12th October 2011, 09:09 PM
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1 new GS code:
Level Modifier[C.Guru]
80169C93 00XX
XX=digit to be replaced
01=Prof. Theo bored, getting kidnapped.
02=Meet Marina!!
03=Meet Calina!!
04=Clanball Land
05=Spike Land
06=3 Clancer Kids
07=Blockman Rises
08=Wormin' Up!!
09=Crisis: Nepton
0A=Western World
0C=Sea of Lava
0E=Sink or Float!
0F=Hot Rush
10=Searin' Swing!
12=Tightrope Ride
14=Magma Rafts!!
15=Seasick Climb
16=Migen Brawl!!
17=The Misunderstanding(unofficial title)
18=Clanpot Shake
19=Clance War
1A=Missile Surf!!
1B=Clanball Lift!
1C=Go Marzen 64
1D=Chilly Dog!!
1E=Snowstorm Maze
20=The day before
21=The day of
23=Cerberus a
24=Theo getting kidnapped again
25=Rolling Rock!!
26=Toadly Raw!!
27=7 Clancer Kids
28=Rescue! Act 1
29=Rescue! Act 2
2B=Ghost Catcher!
2C=Aster's Tryke!
2D=Moley Cow!!
2E=Aster's Maze!
2F=Sasquatch B
30=Theo getting kidnapped, yet again.
31=Clance War II
32=Counter attack
33=Bee's the one!
36=Phoenix Y
37=Prof. at Imperial HQ, meeting Leo
38=Inner Struggle
39=Final Battle
3C=Grid (beta? some music plays once, pressing B will play it again)
3D=Grid (beta? no music plays at all)
3E=Grid (beta? plays the same track as the first grid screen)
3F=Copy of 02. Freezes if trying to complete or quit level
Edit: finally completed the list.

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Old 12th October 2011, 10:32 PM
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I love Mischief Makers! Good to see some attention brought over to it. Nice work, my man.
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