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Old 8th January 2012, 10:00 AM
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Post Banjo-Pilot Codes(EUR)+Diddy Kong Pilot leftover music

Edit: Tracks 14 and 17 filled in.
I hacked these for the european version of the game, but i believe they should work for US as well. And no, it's not the music that were left as-is for the racing tracks, they're the tracks that went unused, but still linger in the game:

CodeBreaker Format
Pitch Frequency Modifier(C.G)

Off-beat Music(C.G)
3300588F 00E2

Game Mode Modifier(C.G)
32001C5C 000X

Music Modifier(C.G)
ARV3 Format
Pitch Frequency Modifier(C.G)

Off-beat Music(C.G)
0430588C E2841420

Game Mode Modifier(C.G)
04201C5C 0000000X
Code Format (Visualboy Advance)
Pitch Frequency Modifier(C.G)

Off-beat Music(C.G)
0300588C E2841420

Game Mode Modifier(C.G)
02001C5C 0000000X

Music Modifier(C.G)

Values for Music Mod:
XX - Digit to replace song.
00 - Spiral Mountain/Clanker's River/Mayahem Temple
01 - Jinxy's Dunes/Gobi's Valley/Terrydactyland
02 - Hailfire Peaks/Grunty Industries/Steamy Vents
03 - Race Results
04 - Menus(Leftover from Diddy Kong Pilot)
05 - Title Screen(Leftover from Diddy Kong Pilot, has the chimp sound at beginning
overwritten with glowbo noise)
06 - Spiral Mountain/Clanker's River/Mayahem Temple, last lap
07 - Race track intro
08 - Race start
09 - Race Won, 1st place
0A - Race Won, 2nd to 4th place?
0B - Race lost, 5th to 10th place?
0C - Jinxy's Dunes/Gobi's Valley/Terrydactyland, last lap
0D - Hailfire Peaks/Grunty Industries/Steamy Vents, last lap
0E - Treasure Trove Cove/J. Roger's Lagoon/Breegull Beach
0F - Treasure Trove Cove/J. Roger's Lagoon/Breegull Beach, last lap
10 - Invincibility
11 - Freezeezy Peak/Freezing Furnace/Cauldron Keep
12 - Freezeezy Peak/Freezing Furnace/Cauldron Keep, last lap
13 - Cranky Kong's cabin(Leftover from Diddy Kong Pilot)
14 - Using Thunder item
15 - Boss fight
16 - Boss fight, speedup??(Can't tell if this is really used. Never heard it ingame)
17 - Using Thunder item, reverse
18 - Cheato
19 - Title screen (Cranky Kong Pilot, leftover from Diddy Kong Pilot)
1A - Trophy ceremony
1B - "Go Glowbo Go"(Oddly has the last chimp sound intact.)
1C - Title (Final Banjo-Pilot)
1D - Bottles (Final Banjo-Pilot)
1E - Gruntilda/Witchyworld
1F - Last lap alert(Witchyworld)
20 - Witchyworld, last lap
21 - Multiplayer
Digit 16, i need some help with, as i never heard it being used by the game in any way.
Game Mode Modifier Note:
0 - Quick Race?
1 - Grand Prix
2 - Time Trial
3 - Jiggy Challenge
4 - Boss Fight
Value 4 is prone to crash the game in Grand Prix mode, but works well in Time Trial mode. Other values just makes the game reset after passing the race results screen.
Pitch Frequency Modifier Note:
7FC3+0139 - normal(Codebreaker)
01397FC3 - normal(ARV3/Code Format)
Music Modifier Note:
Turn on the code first, then off. If left on, the game tries to play the pretended song, but won't be able to.

If the music list isn't enough evidence for you, here's a savestate with the Cranky Kong track(Digit 13) in play:
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File Type: zip BPilot_Leftover_Track(EUR savestate).zip (94.4 KB, 2 views)

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