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Banjo Theories & Stop 'n' Swop SNS? Bottle's Revenge? Share your thoughts on the mysteries of the Banjo series and discuss the new Stop 'n' Swop features in Nuts and Bolts and the XBLA games

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Old 2nd April 2007, 10:45 AM
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I agree 100% with LaorBR.

It was a joke, be that as it may, I believe CoolBoyMan gave the people who questioned it a really hard time! To do that to someone, who assumably (otherwise they wouldn't be posting here) Shares some of the same values with you is really cruel. So this was for B-K big deal right? Either way I do get the joke, but all im saying is next time tone it down a bit ie not yelling at everyone who questions him, then have the nerve to say everybody was too lazy to look into it. I din't look into it futher a) Because I'm not 100% sure how to do it and b) I trusted his opinion. And planning like 3 months in advance!!! come on... April fools is cool but dont go to such an extent as to that!

-Thats the be all to end all?

A.K.A Reborn

Old 2nd April 2007, 10:51 AM
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yes like all that time just spent for just a 'April fools!' is it really worth it? u were caught anyway so it wasnt really worth it.

Old 2nd April 2007, 10:58 AM
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I'm disappointed.
Sure, it was pretty well done joke, but that's it. I'm not laughing. I've known from the beginning that there's no way to get SnS work, but it's still great to see people put an effort to hack old games and try to find something to new. Now all I know is not to trust people's word here anymore.

Old 2nd April 2007, 11:00 AM
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Now that Sir was a well executed Idea. I got suspicious when you suddenly found more suff after each other. You even fooled me for a short period of time.

It is a dear shame that you are leaving though.
Let them hate, as long as they fear.

Old 2nd April 2007, 11:01 AM
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originally posted by me!
Don't be so scared of being tricked, plus isn't it bad luck to pull an april fool joke before april 1st?? Who cares anyway?
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Old 2nd April 2007, 11:08 AM
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it just proves you cant trust ANYONE from Feb-May

Old 2nd April 2007, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by bobbynicjr
it just proves you cant trust ANYONE from Feb-May
...where'd May come from?

Old 2nd April 2007, 11:44 AM
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Okay, so what i've concluded from this thread is that the BT eggs are an afj and instead of seeing "Everyone read..." In the last post section for the next month i'll be seeing "Its over..." instead?

Old 2nd April 2007, 12:39 PM
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That was a pretty good one I have to admit. He had the majority of us fooled with probably the most well thought out AFJ I've ever seen.

Old 2nd April 2007, 12:43 PM
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**** rare, Coolboyman, and rare witch project... This was the greatest prank ever.

Old 2nd April 2007, 01:33 PM
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No, this COULD HAVE been the best AFP ever. But it wasn't.

Coolboyman was way too sloppy and not clever enough to pull this off. He thinks he's was, but he wasn't. I'll post later in the day how I knew it was fake, without even being technical. So close, but no cigar CBM. Better luck next year.
Sees the new Banjo game, says "Nuts!", and Bolts...

Old 2nd April 2007, 01:35 PM
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Told ya

Did i not say this was an afj? Did you all believe me? Nope. But yet, i was right

CBM, that was pretty dumb....

Old 2nd April 2007, 01:44 PM
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Let me just quote what I said earlier about it being fake:
Originally Posted by Me
Meh, I don't really care.

If it's a joke. Well Done CBM, you managed to fool people at the start and it must have required a lot of effort.

If it's not a joke, ah well. We have a few more useless eggs, so what? It's not like we can do anything with them.

I didn't care because I don't care about SNS, I know it's dead and people don't want to believe this for some reason. Probably to give their life some meaning beyond nothingness.

As for leaving, I can see what you mean there. It's why I very rarely go into the theories board and when I do only click on the links that sound interesting.
Although you were one of the only members here that still looked for beta things which is what I'm interested in as well so it's a shame to see you go for that reason, and the fact you've been at the forums so long, and you're one of the better members.

And finally, good luck with the future.

Old 2nd April 2007, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by kirbyfanner
CBM, that was pretty dumb....

i can't beilieve you just said that.


diddn't i say that he was gonna get a fire key??

anyways bye Coolboyman that was a great prank, and it made me go from fake - non fake -fake then finally i beilieved it was real.. and yes i did say you wern't gonna fool me but all i can say is:

Originally Posted by andre
well i got owned
"Like is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get."
Really? Honestly, what idiot gets a box of chocolates, and doesn't know what's gonna be inside?

Old 2nd April 2007, 02:03 PM
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We got SO owned. I repped him and everything
We put our trust in Blast Hardcheese


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