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Old 4th July 2006, 04:38 AM
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Arrow Question of the Day (Rules, Stats, and Lists)

1) You can only win ONE question from each topic. There will be one topic a week, with seven questions (one for each day) inside of it.
2) We'll know if you have an alt. They AREN'T valid. Don't try answering two questions in one topic.
3) First post visible in alignment with the correct answer wins the question. If you both post at the exact same time, it's luck of the draw.
4) You must answer TWO questions right to get a note.
5) Once you get a note, you are unable to answer a question for the subsequent week.

Members with half a note.
  • ~JS~
  • Andre
  • Banjo's Banjo
  • Banjo-Fella
  • Blank
  • BlueBreegull
  • Dricenticore
  • Dylan Yoshi
  • Gruntling
  • Hakey Wake
  • jumbo mumbo
  • magic256
  • P.o.t.O
  • Soulreaper41392
  • s.w.a.t
  • Wario
  • xxx

Members that can't answer again during the 07/16/06 topic.
  • ~JS~
  • jumbo mumbo
  • Banjo-Fella
  • Banjo's Banjo
  • P.o.t.O

Members that are BANNED from answering during the 07/09/06 topic.
  • N/A
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