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RWP Bash Day 11: Reminisce Day (June 30th)

Well everyone, this is it. Day 11, the final day of the RWP Bash. We've decided to make it a day to look back on the RWP's history, events, members and everything else in between. Hopefully those of you who aren't familiar with the site's history will learn something, and those who are familiar with it can remember some of the good times we've had.

In the spirit of reminiscing, the RWP would like to thank you all for participating in the RWP Bash. It was designed to promote areas of the site and also for a way for members to have fun. If you didn't get an award don't worry, they are only little pictures and hopefully everyone will continue to carry on the spirit of the RWP Bash (the Wiki always needs updates ).

So thank you everyone!

Arcade Game: Coming Soon

Earnable Award: This award will be given to those who post (either in this topic, in a new topic or in a blog) about something in RWP's history. It can be your favorite moments, some of your favorite retired members or anything you want so long as it's about RWP's history. The post must be at least 16 lines of text (short lines of text don't count. A line must cover more than half of the available width). If you make a post/blog that's not in here please link to it so it can help me keep track.

Remember to preview your post because how it appears when writing it up will look different when it's posted.

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I wrote this in advance today... XD

Reminisce day, eh? Well I really have a lot to say. First of all, thanks again for the second chance I was granted, because I wouldn’t be here typing this if it wasn’t for it.

I joined these forums about 3 years ago. I used to be very immature back then, so I got into a few troubles with veterans, but a lot has changed since then and I think I have earned the respect from some of the people that didn’t like me at first.

Fun Fact: During those n00bish years, I deleted all of my topics at one point during some flamewar. I’m glad I did that, because I don’t want to look at how moronic I was.

During my stay I’ve seen a lot in these forums, but not all. But yeah I’ve been there when it comes to e-drama, epic moments, failure moments. Been there in some good, bad and ugly times too.

One of my favorite memories is RIDDLE. It didn’t last much, but it was there where I got to know most of my best friends in this forum.

It must be pretty obvious, but my worst memory is when the ban hammer hit me. At first I didn’t care at all because I wasn’t even visiting the forums that much anymore, so I distanced a lot from my e-friends, and I want to apologize if I didn’t keep enough contact with you guys (you know who you are). Fast-forward a year or year and a half; dmoss invited me to join RD. I didn’t want at first, but he along some other people convinced me and I ended up joining. Once in there I tried my best to fit in and got some new friends. Later I realized I missed the forums… so I contacted Mandy and well, the rest is history…

The occasional forum events like this RWP Bash are fun memories for me, because it brings members together and it brings some life to the forums. The April Fools pranks are there among the best!

So yeah… so much has changed in a few years, and I’m pretty sure these changes have only been for good and improvement of the forums, and I’m also sure there is much more to look forward to in the future. Cheers to Rare Witch Project and all those memories from it.

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My favorite moment was when CBM made his April Fool's Prank. How he manage to get the entire Banjo community into wondering if he was telling the truth or was bluffing. Of course I didn't pay too much attention to it, but when CBM's name appeared in a screenshot of Jetpac,then I knew things were going to get interesting.

Then I decided to look into his videos of "finding" more SNS eggs. At first I was undecided about it, but then as he "found" them more and more I started to get a bit suspicious but for the most part I stayed out of it. If memory serves the RWP was so caught up on this, some of the members lost their judgement and followed CBM without questioning, and some members didn't believe them and some arguements insued.

Then the day comes when CBM reveals everything he "found" were just jokes, simply for April Fools. Then the chaos that erupted in the RWP was expected, but nothing to that degree. Heck, it was even to the point of CBM leaving for awhile. Some members were very, very disappointed that he lied, while others were happy they were right, that CBM was wrong.

As for me, I was here for it, but never really voiced anything out, only that it was quite something to see the RWP be consumed by SNS, that maybe exaggerating a bit but it gets the point across.

Fortunately, CBM came back and all was well, everyone seemed to have put the joke behind them, then the same thing happened again with the whole SNS site for this past April Fool's, but thats something entirely different.

This is my favorite moment in the RWP, seeing as how it happened just before I joined the RWP, and was the biggest (and the first) thing I saw here.
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Well, where can I start?

I was planning to quit the RWP for the first time since I joined in February of 2007. However, I was skimming through the Banjo forums when I came across a little tidbit: The beginning of April Fools '07.

From the beginning, I was skeptical. An orange egg, years after Banjo-Tooie had been hacked over and over again? What was this? However, I kept quiet and didn't say much about it until around when he discovered the Purple Egg. Then, I let out my opinion. Finding that many eggs in such a short period of time was debatable, and countless people had posted video in previous years, with all of them being a hoax, so that wasn't sufficient proof for me. I came out of hiding ( I hadn't posted for quite a few months) and said that I totally disagreed with it, thought it was a hoax, etc. etc. Ironically, my post was #666 in the thread, so some people pointed that out.

However, all of my disbelief was about to change when CoolBoyMan posted "definitive" proof: a save-state. Now, it was worked to crash at a certain point, so that people couldn't look into it too much, but no one did. They took it for what it was, and I must admit I did also.

In the end, I got fooled, and I was surprised to see how long he went on with it. He went and proved a point, and in a way, it was just like in Metal Gear Solid 2, and
Spoiler: (highlight to view)
What the Patriots did. They, and CBM, sought to find out how susceptible the average person was, and they succeeded.

For that reason, I thoroughly enjoyed CoolBoyMan's departure, appreciate his return, and feel that this was one of my most memorable Rare Witch Project moments.

EDIT: Wow, Del and I pretty much wrote about the same thing, and in the same minute too.
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You know, tomorrow is my two year anniversary, and I have a lot to talk about.

I'll finish this post later.


Originally Posted by Avarice View Post
Hello. I'm Avarice. Although I just registered, I've been visiting this place for about a year now. As for SnS, I don't really know anything about hacking, but I'll do anything I can to help.
Originally Posted by Gruntling View Post
Welcome to the forums Avarice! You're another lurker I see, but nevertheless enjoy the RWP!
Originally Posted by icegod View Post
He's coming right for us

*Shoots 50 times with a shotgun*

That was close

Anyway..... Welcome to the forums
Two years ago tomorrow, this is what I was first greeted with. Since then, a lot has happened with the Forums.

Let's see, there was that fright known as Gabbly, some memorable April Fools Joke, Grey leaving and subsequently returning, a "war" I may have accidentally caused with Spiral Mountain, a new Alliance, the "vs." fad, the Chat, and much more. It's been an amazing ride.

There are a couple of people that have been extra important to me, and I would like to address them now.

Mandolin - You probably were my first real friend here. I forget what made us connect at first, must have been H2G2 or something like, hell I don't remember anymore, but I always think of you as my friend, even if you are a part of the evil Anti-W Brigade. I can never forgive you for that. Go die in a ditch...

Gogeta - When I first got MGS2 a while back, you were gladly helping me with it. Since then, you and me have had plenty of discussions on the chat, whether it be over Dragon Ball, or Metal Gear, or you making odd jokes that involve penises for some reason. Still, I think of you as one of my best friends here.

Black hayate - My neighbor and friend. You still owe me $10 for that extra copy of Snake Eater I had and gave to you. WHERE'S MY MONEY!?

xxx - I don't know, I guess I thought you me started to connect in the end. Still sad to see you gone.

Kaz - I said some things that I think upset you, and I can't help but feel this fueled your want to leave. I deeply and humbly apologize. I blew things out of proportion, and the only person I have to blame is myself.

Everyone I played Poulaga Challenge with - HA HA I WAS UNDEFEATED SUCK IT *****ES!

Now, that is all I have to say right now. I know this place has helped me become a better person. I hope to spend more time here in the future.

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Ahh, so many memories. I remember back in '05 when I was a lurker, and too young to join. I looked over the RWP daily, because that was when Stop 'n' Swop was "all the rage". There was that super-massive "I think I know which of the 4 eggs you're supposed to get" thread, and that other one that dealt with the beta pipe. Those were the conversations I really loved to read over. I felt like I was part of the community, and I was thinking of my own theories all the time. The RWP, to me, is like a family. And boy, this is one hell of a family. This is, by far, the best forum I've joined. The only other ones I've joined, which will remain nameless, were extremely strict. One false move and you got an infraction/ban. No religion/debate topics were allowed, no matter how adult the community was or acted, and they were just, overall, strict. Although, at the RWP, the mods are much kinder, they connect with the community which they helped to form, and they're just fun to be around. You guys post normally, (Minus Kola. ), update the forum regularly (Most of the time. ) and shape the RWP to what it is today; a fun, welcoming forum that is great fun to new & old members alike. You guys are incredible, and without you, there wouldn't be an RWP. Where would I have wasted the past 11 months on the internet?

April Fools Day is possibly the greatest thing on the forum I look forward to each year. Although the entire forum suspects EVERYTHING is a joke, you still manage to get the large majority of us. www.stopnswop.com was truely genius. Especially with CBM's (your username reminds me of mine somewhat. ) April Fools day Egg thread. That was truel epic. I was still a lurker at the time, but it fooled me nontheless.

All in all, the RWP is an incredible community. The jokes, fads, mods, and everything you guys plan is just flatout fun to be a part of. Because of all this, I'm definately going to be around for quite a while longer.

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Reminiscing about the RWP, eh? Well where else to start apart from talking about Lament.
lamentofgrunty, he was a fun little member wasn't he? I remember him first of all from back during my lurking days, sometime in 2005 whenever he first joined, and I remember how everyone slowly started to really hate him in time. Especially Andre and Minjo as I remember, those two had a really strong disliking to him at first if I remember correctly. Then I joined and I could see him myself properly. Posts just full of mistakes and nothing really good about him at all. And mariobob as well, his alt account, which for some reason he used at the exact same time as when he was Lament and nobody ever really questioned why he used two accounts seeing as everyone knew they were the same person.

Until finally, he was banned. And came back again as dingpot or something. And was banned again. And came back again as a fake rare employee. And repeat for a hundred times over. At least he was persistent and didn't give up. Oh and then the April Fools Joke 06. Nothing will ever top that one. Stop 'n' Swop solved, BrokeBack Dan, Wendy Turnips, Hi. I'm Controversy. And finally lament attacking the forums. I remember it being late one night and seeing the damage he was doing to the forums, heh and he banned Hakey who came back with one of his alt accounts. Half of those weren't made by him anyway were they? Until in the end SNS's secret revelation and lament was just Grey all along. The best played April Fools Joke ever that was. Had us all going and nothing can ever beat that one.

We've lost a few members of the years as well. First one comes to mind is Blue Breegull, waiting for the day when he'll return. One of my favourite members he was. Then others such as Kaz, vatican, upsilon and others. SubDrag wasn't here for a long time as well, I remember seeing him online was a rare occurrence. Oh and also way back to when Mandy became an admin officially and even Grey becoming an admin. To be honest at the time I thought they should have chosen Gold ;p

Ah well, fun times in this forum. Lots of memories both good and bad. And in the end lament failed again when he was allowed back into the forums and he'll always be remembered just for the fact the Grunty's Rejects are named after him. And now we get to the present and the forums are changing top be more bigger or something like that. And blah blah Tanjo's blog here. Back then was the glory days of the RWP from what I know, 2005 to 2006. The second of the RWP glory days the first probably being the Snitz but that's for someone else to talk about. Anyway, happy days

FUN FACT: I nominated lament as one of the "favourite departed members" in the awards. He was fun you've gotta admit, and everywhere needs someone like him to make things more interesting

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Some memorable moments for me are mostly from my days as a lurking 10-year old. I didn't do very much lurking of the forums themselves, but I used to main pages and the hints&tips sections regularly when Googling "Banjo-Kazooie Help". It was there I found out at last about Bottles Revenge, something I though very cool because at that age Bottles' death made me very sad at the start, and I wanted him to play more of a part in the story somehow. I remember downloading some ROMs for he first time onto my dad's computer specifically to use some of the AR codes on the site.

I also remember my first post here; I was asking for help with the Banjo Texture Tool. IIRC, Mandy answered my question very helpfully (Although to this day it still has never worked ) and since then I became a much more regular member of the forums, going through epic chats and Alliances and arguments and April Fools Pranks, etc. And I love it. I think it's all fantastic how we have just this little(?) thriving community on the net where we all know and trust each other (usually) and we all have so much to say. We have our own events, our own memes, our own regular discussions, even our own serious business debates - why, we're like a mini-internet within the larger one. I don't think I've ever visited a better forum - the others seem to have just too many vague, lifeless members who have no real knowledge or friendships, who exist only to talk about a single topic without any feeling. It's so different here in that we each put our own personality into our posts and are very recognisable from each other. Except when we Stop 'N' Swop each other's avatars/signatures/usertitles. Then all hell breaks loose.
I'm just here for the Smash threads.

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Okay. One of the events I remember from my time here is the one joke played on Andre, I think. It was either Andre and/or someone else. Well basically, people started noticing something strange about random member's usertitles. It wasn't the usual "Registered User." In this occurance, it was "Moderator." The first person I recognised this on was Jinjonator. The next day or so I think, I posted in Kablamooie's fanfic: RareWitchProject: Hell on Earth. And I complained about me supposedly dying. And he responded:

Originally Posted by Kablamooie
Don't talk to me like that! I'm a mod! I can ban you! Oh, wait. You're a mod, too.
And so basically, after that a thread was posted, where we started contemplating why everyone was suddenly a mod. Eventually we discovered it was a joke, and that's why we couldn't do anything like locking topics, etc.

And then there was that thread that mikesgm6 posted, where he complained that Andre was basically unnecessarily locking topics. A lot of people agreed with mike, because Andre did lock A LOT of topics back then. And also people complained of his attitude in the chat, being kicked from the chat by him, etc.

I also used to have an obsession with Jinjonator. I'd be hugging him on the IRC chat constantly, and he would be like, "Get her off me!" However the fact that I liked Jinjonator was revealed by mikesgm6 after he convinced me I really did like him after showing me a log search of me mentioning his name over 200 times in two days. O_o Damn. After that, mike insisted I go on the chat. So I went on, and crappily dodged hints from Jinjonator of me liking him. Eventually, though, I HAD to admit it because I was cornered. Fun times, eh? After the whole thing of me hugging Jinjonator constantly (and I mean constantly), my hugs just became a usual friendly gesture of mine.
EDIT: Oh. I also spoke to Jinjy on the phone once.
"I'm hanging up, bye."
"NO DON'T HA- *click*"

Oh and the 29th (yesterday), was my second anniversary here. Wooo!!
It's been ages.
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My time at the RWP

I first joined this community in February 2001. I had just found out about Stop 'N' Swop and wanted to find out more about it but the forums I was at weren't that great (Banjo-Kazooie forums at www.gamewinners.com ) so I ended up here.

My first post was the most noobish post I have ever seen. There was a guy who said he'd discovered a code in Banjo-Tooie that was over 100 characters long and was used to complete Stop 'N' Swop. Obviously the mods had been doing their job because he posted a topic complaining that 'the members had a right ot know the code' and if we wanted to learn it we should show the mods our protest by replying to the topic with 'We want the Stop 'N' Swop secret. We want it now'. So my first ever post at the RWP was 'I know I'm new but... We want the Stop 'N' Swop secret. We want it now'.

That topic must have been deleted because when I came back a week later no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find it. I began visiting RWP more and more and gamewinners less and less until I just stopped going to game winners and was here completely.

My first contact with Rareware, the game company, also happened that year. A guy called 'The Messenger' appeared and claimed his name was Alex Murphy who worked for Rare and that Stop 'N' Swop was dropped. I figured the best way to find out if this was true or not was to send off an email to Rare themselves. Leigh Loveday replied the very next day saying he had never worked there and even if he turned out to be a tester at Nintendo had no rights to be making such claims.

The Snitz version of the forums was always associated with the most activity because it was around the time Banjo-Tooie had come out, however I think the forums are a lot busier than the Snitz now that BK: N&B info has been released.

Back in the Snitz days the running joke wasn't the RWPunch but was infact cheese. I forget all the details but it appeared that cheese had taken over the forums. I also forget when the RWPunch was invented but I do know once it took hold, cheese didn't stand a chance.

One member I'll never forget is DarkTemplar. He was a DBZ fan like I was and he showed me sites to download episodes from and would help me with any websites I was making. Looking back on it I probably annoyed him but hey, I was new and he had been there longer than me.

Banjo Discussions is also a good memory from the Snitz board. I get up one day to find all the topics had been deleted from it. I was like 'What?!' Turns out, while in an unhealthy state (read: hungover) Ice Mario accidentally deleted all the topics (he later said it was ok because there was too much crap in there anyway ).

The UBB was only around for such a short time but there are a few memorable things.

1) Changing display names. You couldn't always tell who was who because we were allowed to change the names displayed to the community. Not one of the best options to be enabled .

2) {The First One 01} - LeGeNdArYbAnJoEgGs prided himself in being one of the members who had been their the longest and started a sig trend in which you put {The First One } in your sig with the year you joined. Ice Mario followed along by placing in {The Real First One} in his sig.

3) CGI-Timeouts. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. Trying to load a page, and getting the CGI-Timeout error. Sometimes it would be so bad I couldn't actually post messages for days. Think of the recent 'Server is unavailable' messages... multiply the effect by 1000 and add 10 angry points and you end up with CGI-Timeout.

Finally came the vBulletin forums in 2003. The RWP had been down for a long time.... I forget how long but it must have been a year? I would still check the site every now and then... fortunately it was revived in July and we started trickling back to the forums (though a lot of members have never returned). Thank God for the lack of lives otherwise we might not have ever come back. I was still a registered user back then, however once it was decided to add moderators to the forums (which took like a month or more) I was added to the team (I had been applying for years but was always rejected... now that no-one else had come back I could slip right in ).

Sometimes it's hard to see where 7+ years have gone, other times it feels like it has been 7+ years but obviously we all like the community otherwise we wouldn't keep coming back (I am convinced that the RWP makes up more than 90% of my Internet browsing and time).

There's too many members that have left to remember them all but they were a part of the community that kept me here so that must be saying something

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Wow, I've been here a little over a year, and its been so exciting. To those who expect events in interesting explanation, I am truly sorry. This is my personal story of the RWP. Years ago, I found out about SNS from my brother who excitedly rushed up to the old console proclaiming that he knew the secret that noone else knew. Of course, he had an insane theory that could only be a dream. I'm sure that every single person that reads this had one at some point as well Soon after, all eggs were collected, and SNS faded to the back of our minds along with our insane theories.

Then, two years ago, I became simply addicted to the internet. It was bound to happen that I would stumble upon a certain green webpage that called itself the Rare Witch Project. Then, in November, Banjo Threeie emerged from the depths and a whole new kind of theory came into existence. What would this new game become? Could Microsoft handle it? So many questions arose, but so few were answered. Every day I would check the site, praying for any bit of info from Rare. Months passed. It was Christmas time. Ghouly Boy (also known as Gregg) treated us to a lovely suprise. He answered somewhere around 25 questions that we, here at RWP had submitted! Still, the game was shrouded with shadows. Then, in May, our prayers came true, at least for some of us. The second I saw the first screenshot, I knew there would be doubters. Our childhood dreams were transformed, and some of the members did not survive the trip. Yet, here we are, living in harmony as a strong fanbase, preparing for the day that Banjo Kazooie:Nuts and Bolts hits store shelves. Thanks everybody!

Also, I figured I would tell y'all that you are my first ever internet forum home. *cries*
*just kidding about crying*
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I remember finding this site ages ago. I came back after awhile, ready to join. However there was some...I don't know, Remod Hakey and Andre rebellion type thing. I didn't know what the hell to expect. So I waited, and joined later. I wasn't active at all. Made about 6-8 posts in a month. Then I became somewhat active. I thought that I was somehow, accepted among the people. Then I just kept on going. Like the energizer bunny.

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Post Thanks for sticking with me, RWP.

@ RareCareBear: Glue Tower?

Out of all the forums I've been to, (Hailfire Peaks, Spiral Mountain, Neoseeker, etc) RWP seems to be the best. I am very well known here, I have a lot of friends here, and it hurts like Hell whenever I stop coming. () One of my favorite moments here was hanging out in the IRC chat one day with RareCareBear, when see randomly fell over into a pile of glue. (/me/RareCareBear falls off chair into glue.) So, I try to (Cybernetically) help her up. Ironically, I fall in the glue. After awhile it had turned into a RPG, where we were stuck to the ground. Eventually, we both died.

I would like to thank the following members for making my stay a good one.
dmoss: Thanks for helping me when I was new, you really are the friendliest member!
RareCareBear: Thanks for being such a great friend the whole two and one third years I have been here!
ChillyDark (Don't shoot me.): Thanks for being such a great friend and letting me be an admin on your forums, you do not suck! (At least not to me.)
Wolfe Logan: Thank you for inviting me into the best elite space mercinary group ever, keep on truckin'!
Kablamooie & Jinjonator: You guys deserve to be on this list more than any other list I make! Thanks for not stabbing me too much.
Yoshi52: Thanks for being such a good friend, hope your CPU is fixed soon!
Others: kfred, Silent Warrior, Final Smash, ConkerTribe, ConkerKing, repobanjo, Minjo, Gold Jinjo, Fox McBanjo, Grey Jinjo, mafefe, Arti, Avarice, Mandolin, Paradox Author, Banjo-Swopooie, BlueKirby, Andre, GM2K, SubDrag, Kola, Banjo64, pgpm10, BIGsheep, George K, Pinsey, CoolBoyMan, BK3fan, Dr. Worm, Cooki-Cooki, greatman3388, Hylian1, Icy Guy, jim, IbanezerIceman, jumbo mumbo, Kain Howard, Kowz, L-Button, maggotcandy, pinkbull, Princess J, rarenut, Tanjo, Tee-Hee, Stephen Colbert, Smouvy, The Doob, Tommy Walker, watkinzez, and Welder. Thank you all! *Passes out*

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There are really so many great memories that I have been able to experience during my short time on this forum. I really wish I would've been able to find this site back at the beginning of the new millenium, just when I was so psyched about finally getting Banjo-Tooie, but unfortunately, I did not join this forum until just under a year ago. I still remember the day I joined, I was so ecstatic to find such a well put together website dedicated to one of my favorite video game companies of all time. I never really formally introduced myself in any sort of biographical thread, I just sort of jumped into the numerous conversations that were being discussed constantly on this extremely active forum. Finding both funny, and serious posts made by a huge amount of members, each with there own unique personality. And so I began to try and mesh myself into the forum, only making about 150 posts since my arrival, in some of the most interesting sections and threads that happened to catch my eye that day. Whether it be fan art, or a discussion about Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, I really found it all very fascinating, and much more dedicated than some of the other forums that also often visit on a daily basis. The Rare Witch Project has really provided one of the best gateways for us Rare fans to explore the opinions of others, the queries of others, and the worries of others, all while providing challenging ventures; such as the Christmas art contest, the concept art contest, the board awards, and now the extremely entertaining Rare Witch Project Bash! The Rare Witch Project Bash has been one of the funnest experiences that I have done on this board, and now I am proud to have these couple of trophy awards right next to my name for everyone to see. The RWP has provided many laughs throughout the years, there numerous April Fools jokes in the past, and most recently, there very conving website for Stop N' Swap that literally made my jaw drop the first time that I saw the preview for it on the RWP homepage. There really is no limit to the long list of things that have been embedded in my memory because of the Rare Witch Project, and I thank all of you for giving me the oppurtunity to experience them.


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