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Old 1st July 2008, 12:19 AM
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I remember when i first ended up here
*goes to a flashback (yeah never mind won't be needing that)

I had first saw the Banjo teaser trailier and almost had a heart attack.
One of the greatest memories of my childhood was coming back!?!?!?!?
I hit the internet afterwards looking for anymore morsels to feed my ever growing appetite.
Going through many false leads and forums till i hit this baby here. RWP is my favorite Rare fan site by far and I instantly felt comfortable here since most of the members post like a dysfunction family so there was always something intresting to read bringing me back over and over again.

One of my favorite memories would definenly have to be a recent one when the N&B pics were leaked. That day the site wouldn't let me log in cause there was already so many people on and i knew something big had happened! I tried to get in for about 30mins but was denied each time and had to endure till the next day where i was treated with a prize for my patience. I was looking at what the new Banjo game would look like. Much different than the traditional Banjo but was still a Banjo game and had me wondering what Rare had been thinking and got me excited for its release at the same time.

I would like to also thank
all of the RWP staff and
the members who make this place
so wonderfully fun and entertaining

ps.Drinks for everyone!
*Rockaway Life* >I|I<

Old 1st July 2008, 01:18 AM
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Heh I'll also like to add that when I saw the sticky BANJO-THREEIE ANNOUNCED!!!!! I rejoined

I have been here for two april fools. The first being CBM's fake sns find, and this years one, which was so lame I forgot about it. It was stopnswap.com, I just remembered now. It was so fake. But fun.

I remember defending CBM's joke, people flaming. I have my view set to 50 posts per page, and that topic was well over 50 pages. One of the fastest growing topics I remember. It was fun and I was quite pissed off when it was reveled to be a hoax. I was VERY pissed.

There was another one going on, though not quite long. Somebody made two fake pictures of B3. One was of Mumbo on a shiny floor, another was of Banjo on a beach with sharkfood island in the distance. They were blurry, and looked pretty real. The creator (name eludes me right now) said that he made the Mumbo one out of a BT render, and even added a Rare logo to his skull.
The beach one was just a picture of a beach with the Banjo render from the teaser trailer pasted in, with notes from the trailer, and then sharkfood island put on the water. It wasn't as impressive, because it didn't have as much work as the Mumbo pic, but it was very nice
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Old 1st July 2008, 01:31 AM
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I started writing this, and couldn't decide on a topic. So I'm gonna talk about everything.

I joined here in October '05, and I'm surprised that I'm still here. It was amazing to me, a shy 10-year-old at the time, that I was so accepted here, a community of people who were mostly older than me. And it was pretty awesome. "A place to talk about Banjo-Kazooie? I didn't think anyone besides me even knows what that is!" was probably close to what I was thinking when I first saw the RWP.

And Lament. He was...interesting. I remember when someone found his MySpace page, and everyone put it in their signatures, including me. He tried to destroy the forums with spamming and flames. And then he was banned, and the RWP rejoiced. The End. Wait, that's not right. He made tons of alternate accounts, and (kind of) came back during April Fools' Day '06. Best April Fools' Day evar. It was just pulled off so well, and fooled just about everyone.

Alliance v2.0. I'll always remember that. And I'll admit I was a member of it for awhile. In retrospect, it seems like a pretty pointless cause, and really all it did was disrupt the community (RWP Civil War, amirite?).

And there's always something going on here, from theories to games to drama. Mostly drama, though. This place is pretty much 24/7 E-Drama Central. You can't spell RWP without drama! Drama and the RWP go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Okay, I'll stop.)

But what I love about this crazy place the most is that, no matter what happens, no matter who leaves, no matter what is revealed, the RWP is always able to pull itself back together.

The RWP is by far my favorite place on the internet, and it's all thanks to you guys. I can't believe I'm still here, on one of the most intelligent, funny, and all around best forums in this series of tubes we call the internet.
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Old 1st July 2008, 01:38 AM
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I remember the first time i joined RWP. While it was not a long time ago, it still is in RWP history

I remember that i just started to play Banjo Kazooie again and i realised i hadn't got all of the SNS eggs. So i went looking and i found BK hive and got the codes. I then became more interested in SNS and started to look for RWP which supposedly found the SNS codes (god i knew so little back then). I then had a look around RWP to see what it was like. I was looked around for about a week reading all of your Banjo Theories which made me even more interested about SNS. In that time i learnt about project dream, bottles revenge and heaps of other stuff. Then i thought 'what the hell' and joined up. I was surprised at how many people actually welcome and so i started to get a little more involved. Things started off slowly as i was basically just a lurker but ever since this years April fools I started to get more involved (especially posting that there was something 'fishy' about the SNS website). Things really started to kick off when Rare released the pictures and game play footage of BK:NB. I then really started to get into RWP and every day now i post more and more often

While is not exactly RWP history this is MY RWP history
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Old 1st July 2008, 02:13 AM
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Old 1st July 2008, 03:21 AM
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I blogged about it. Don't give me a "tl;dr" moment, please...you won't regret reading it all. It's an in-depth look back at the Prank of 2006...then, a bit of mush from me at the end. It's actually pretty interesting, as I've saved things over the years to help look-back at that week. There are links and such, so you can view the "Dreaming Away" thread, and the "SnS Revelation" board! Plus, I've added-in some PM's from when I was trying to contact the Administration on and around April Fools Day...good times.

I can't wait to read the rest of this thread! Looks like you guys have a lot to say!

Old 1st July 2008, 03:55 AM
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Ahh the RWP. Years ago (mabey like 4 but I have no clue) I found the Rare Witch Project and read it for mabey like 2 days then forgot about it. Then couple years later I remembered this place when I got my friends gameshark. "Lucky" for me I came right at the begining of CBM April Fools Day joke. I read it and wondered like the rest of you was it real or fake. Still being a lurker I did not want to join in the uproar that was going on. So I continued lurking and nothing really inportant happened. The as I was going to sign up the whole Alliance thing started so I did not join. When that ended I lurked for a couple months then I had to send my computer away. So when I got it back a couple months (yes months) later I told myself to join up. After reading everything that went on here I finally pressed that register button. When I signed up I was greeted by the members. I got some laughs from mafefe

Originally Posted by mafefe
Welcome to rwp, overdose may cause you to die
After being told I "broke into" the punch stash and then was given more by DeLMrcs (I have yet to find this so called doctor).Then got some more generic Welcome to the forums greetings. Since my opening topic was so much fun we had a skeptic come and say "BALDERDASH."Okay some mabey he did not say that but I was accused of being a fake.
Originally Posted by IceKeyMaster
I scence lies due to the fact Coolboymans joke was long ago and there is a 1000 post view limit
Even that topic had some mischief such as an engagement. Also my first non-official buddy BK-SNS-BT?(who I do not even think is my friend *goes to check* nope) You can find out who it is here.

Then five almost six months later I am still here and wanting alot more here. In conclusion I would just like to say that RWP bash was a great idea and hope to see it again. One good thing came out of it I found out that we had a chat, I plan to use that more now too. Cheers to our great staff and members Also lol on me just making the sixteen post thing.

Old 1st July 2008, 04:28 AM
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Originally Posted by MrShyGuy72 View Post
After being told I "broke into" the punch stash and then was given more by DeLMrcs (I have yet to find this so called doctor)
hehehe anytime pal.

Oh and it turns out the doctor died of intoxication... go figure.
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Old 1st July 2008, 06:27 AM
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Let's see now...

I joined back in August of 2001 when I was 15 years old. I think I found searching for help with Banjo-Tooie, possibly help with Canary Mary. I didn't own Banjo-Kazooie at the time, but after I joined the forums, that quickly changed.

The RWP was my first message board experience ever. I knew very little about the internet at the time, and was totally ignorant netspeak as simple as lol. Back then, I mainly used the BK forums. I didn't go in Anything Goes very much, I didn't know what anime was, I had no interest in the Pokemon forum, didn't know anything about gamesharking etc. Everyone was obsessed with SnS at the time, and we were all looking for the smallest clues. There were topics that ranged from beak bombing the eye of Grunty's lair to trying to figure out the words on Blackeye's hat.

Eventually all of the SnS topics got to be too much for certain moderators, and the ban on SnS was enacted. This caused Grey Jinjo to form the alliance. My memory about all of this is fuzzy, but for some reason I thought it would be fun to be on both sides. I joined the alliance as John, and then created the Ghost Jinjo account and used it to post Darth Vader-esque messages about "crushing the alliance." At one point I was in an alliance AIM chat as both names, and joined in as everyone was trying to convince Ghost Jinjo to join the alliance. I was really lame back then. XD

It's hard for me to believe that I was only at the Snitz a few months before it was replaced by the UBB. It seemed a lot longer than that. I got into the ongoing story scene at the end of the Snitz, but most of the ones I joined were on the UBB. I went through several different RPGs along with Ice Key Hunter, Boggy Bear, Blue Breegull, cyberen, and later on Rhunter. These continued through to the beginning of the vBulletin.

Anyway, at the vBulletin I tried my hand at making a RWP comic, but it turned out to be harder than I expected, and it died after one page. Another thing I remember is the hilarious vBulletin April Fools joke about Lament taking over the forums. Everyone was making alts and posting ridiculous things. Shortly after that event, I started posting less and even went for long stretches where I didn't post at all.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. This is getting to be too long.

Last edited by John; 1st July 2008 at 06:30 AM.

Old 1st July 2008, 07:44 AM
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Well, I remember back in the days of Snitz and Grey rebelling against the mods and all. I stopped lurking during the UBB days. And came back around 2003 to lurk some more. I officially joined in 2005 as Mr 3vil, though I kind of still lurk with invisible mode.

It's kind of sad because this used to be rarewitchproject.net and Ice Mario didn't register the domain name in time, so now we have rarewitchproject.com.

Also, sstzelda was one of the worst spammers ever. He cussed a lot and his posts lacked merit compared to lament.

I think the lament days were very memorable for me. There was a lot of drama and even skillsphere quit for a bit, but I stayed and made some close buddies. I think the oldest member I've tried to stay in contact with was BlueBreegull. However, he doesn't go on his aim anymore. We were going to make a super mario world hack together and all, so I hope he returns.

April Fools came along next and CBM pulled the coolest prank ever. Even rare helped out by using Orange Egg as a name on Jetpac Refueled. A lot of else fell for it, even hatrickpatrick.

The RWP had it's ups and downs and I think it's best to enjoy the ride. Also, there was a time when pinkbull wasn't the RWP jerk, just a nice guy. Andre was the flamewar candle holder or something like that. His posts would almost always bash users and their noobiness. Somehow, it seems like pinkbull is a lesser version of that and Andre is now more nice. Hakey Wakey would have the longest posts and best retorts though, so I still think he wins as the most argumentive of the bunch.

THere was a bit of drama almost all the time and I think all that drama toughened up the older members here. We all started as noobs and I think there's a certain amount of maturity that can be learned at the RWP.

Old 1st July 2008, 07:44 AM
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it's been nearly 2 years since i first arrived in the depths of the Rare Witch Project and quite honestly, it's been a blast. I had heard about the RWP since 2001, after reading in my copy of N64 magazine about the Sandcastle codes, i went on the site once or twice after that to find out if there were anymore....there weren't.

It died down for a few years, until 2006. After re-playing Banjo-Kazooie (with the eggs) i honestly thought to myself, what the f**k is stop n swop? so i hastily went onto the internet and found this place again. I tried to browse and find answers, but couldn't find any, so i joined up to ask about answers.....i never did make that topic.

now 1852 posts later, here i find myself with lots of memories
from Duker's "Make me a mod"
to the sad departure of Kaz, and of course the alliance....
i'm glad i re-discovered this place, because it is the best damn forum i've ever been on
Thank you for reading this post, now go away

Old 1st July 2008, 09:46 AM
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I have always been a big Rarefan..but somehow i never thought of the fact that there would be a fansite. I really thought for a long time that I was the only Banjo fan alive. When I saw the new Banjo trailer at e3 I directly bought a 360. Then I started looking for a place where I could find other Banjo fans. At first I looked on xbox.com but there were not many people there. Then via Google I found the RareWitchProject.

I directly registred but I never got an activationmail...I tried to mail a couple of times but never got an anwser. Thats when I decided to look further. I found Rare-Elite.com and made friends there. The fun fact that I realized is that most Rare-fanssites are befriended and not seen as competition...Great.

At first I stayed a long time at Rare-Elite and designed a new site for them. But after that I started looking again for a more active site...Again the RWP popped up as first choice. But then I remembered that I could not log-in. Then I saw the chat. Somehow I was able to attend and Smouvy was there. He contacted Mandy and so it happenend that she emediatly activated my account.

Since then I visit RWP everyday. Its a nice and friendly community and its admins are very friendly too. Great work!
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Old 1st July 2008, 03:02 PM
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By the way, there's a tl;dr for the bored ones at the end. BUT PLEASE READ IT.
What is this.

Old 1st July 2008, 03:57 PM
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I turned my post into a blog, 'cause I can.

Old 1st July 2008, 05:39 PM
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Wow, you guys have a lot of cool memories. I haven't been here that long, really, as most of you know. Four months (almost) is small potatoes compared to many of you. However, I do have some memorable moments.

One that springs to mind is when I realized what 'tl;dr' meant, and then realized it did apply to me and my ranting. That argument over religion was a good one, and I think I finally exasperated Grey with my endless (and somewhat pointless) information. I look at that as a good memory, though... It was fun to do, in an odd sort of way, and it helped me see that arguing for the sake of arguing isn't worth it.

There are many hilarious/important moments that come to mind, but jabbering on about them all is pointless. So, I'll just comment on some of the amazing pals I've made here.

jim : I have to say, at first I wasn't sure what to think of you. Maybe it was the quote issue (lol ), or making fun of my typos (also ). But you were a nice enough sort, I reckoned, so I decided to not just bluntly end the conversation, but to let it play out. That conversation hasn't ended yet... rofl. XD Thanks for becoming a great pal.

Dee : You were one of the first people to really talk to me, and you definitely deserve that friendliest member award. You find a way to meet and greet every new person, and help them feel welcome.

ConkerTribe : Funny thing... I don't think we could stand each other at first. lol But then you told me that you didn't want disagreements to keep us from becoming friends, and I agreed. Many funny moments later, and... We're as tight as Mumbo and Wolf.

Kay-Tee, Arti, and Dox : Yes, I'm counting you as a group. XD You guys always make me laugh, and having you on 'my team' has been a blast. You're swell buddies, pals.

Minjo : You had me at WolfeIsLogan. rofl But seriously, you're one of the funnier people on this site, and a pal I didn't expect to make, but I'm glad I did. The RWP needed you back, imo.

pgpm10, Bartimaeus, Yoshi52, mafefe, kfred, SSJ3 Gogeta, L-Button, Fox McBanjo : Between the chat room, Ask Wolf, and SWA, you guys have been awesome to get to know, and talk with (yes, even you, mafefiosa). Thanks for the fun times.

Mandy : We aren't exactly tight, I know, but you've always been helpful, and you're a lotta fun to talk to in chat (you even made me a shirt!), lol. You do great work here, and you deserved member of the year!

Ecks : I hated to see you leave the site, but I know you have some things you need to sort through. Best of luck with that Ecksy, and thanks for being a friend.

Other people that need mentioning (in a-to-z order) : Banjo-Rare-Man (I enjoy our talks!), Banjo64, BanjoBoy123, BlueytheWalrus (SOUP, Bluey, SOUP), Chewbacca, Cobelcog, Danny Trabajo, donkey_kazooie, Fallen, Gaming Master2k, George K. (it's all about the GK), Gold Jinjo, greatman3388, Grey Jinjo (I'm glad you don't hate me, ), Gruntling, gscodeseeker, Hylian1, IbanezerIceman, IKM, John, Kablamooie (The friggin' hilarious Dr. Kab!), Kain Horward, LoMoNoCrAt, Lordchander, maggotcandy (wash the dishes right now!), Mandolin, Mister Mxyzptlk (*poof!*), Princess J, RarecareBear, Rickwakefan123, Shadow Angel, Shaz, Silent Warrior, skine99, Smouvy, ssj, Stephen Colbert, Tanjo, The Doob, Theguyoverthere, Tommy Walker, and ZackV93 ("Zack really wanted a line in this ff" XD)... (If I've missed one of you, I apologize profusely)

I could go on and on, but that's plenty, yeah? Thanks, RWP, for being so swell.


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