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captain falcon/ganondorf 2 5.13%
marth/roy/ike 2 5.13%
samus/zero suite samus 2 5.13%
snake 4 10.26%
pit 1 2.56%
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Old 2nd June 2008, 06:59 AM
Matthew Coburn Matthew Coburn is offline
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Matthew Coburn
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Old 2nd June 2008, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Avarice View Post
I've NEVER seen anyone use the fart effectively. EVER. Now that I think about, I don't think I've even seen it fully charged.
If you use it fully charged when your opponent has around 80% damage, it's a guaranted KO. If Wario-Man uses a fully charged fart, it'll kill at 0% damage (yes, it's true). That's not effective?

I'll give you points for the bike, but you have to admit that it sucks offensively.
Not if you use it at unexpected moments, so your opponent won't have time to react to the attack. And it's great to chase the Smash Ball in large stages like Bridge of Eldin!

Maybe my memory is a little foggy, but if Wario tries to eat his bike, I would just attack him. Been awhile since I've played against a Wario.
Just make it so the bike doesn't stay there, you can drive it off the stage and jump off it. Or launch your opponent far from you so he doesn't have time to reach you and attack.

I still don't think it's hard to beat him when he's using his FS. Maybe it would be dangerous from a skilled Wario player, and not just generic Basic Brawler, but it's not like you see many of those around anyway.
He doesn't take damage/flinch while he's using his FS.
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Old 2nd June 2008, 07:13 PM
Chewbacca Chewbacca is offline
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Old 2nd June 2008, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Nintendo_Fan128 View Post
He doesn't take damage/flinch while he's using his FS.
I thought that too.
I was wondering why people were like "I ALWAYS KILL WARIO DURING HIS FINAL SMASH!!!"
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