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The Banjo Kazooie Series General Discussion about the Banjo Kazooie series from the N64 classics to the handheld sequels & new Xbox games.

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Old 17th January 2007, 05:56 PM
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How to Find Every Jiggy in "Banjo-Kazooie"

Here's where I tell all new members, and those members of the forums that aren't particularly devoted to this website's furry messiah but do get down to play the game every once in a while, how to find every jigsaw piece in Banjo-Kazooie. I've noticed several newbies come here asking how to obtain certain jiggies, and usually one member or two have to pitch in their knowledge to help them out. Not anymore! After having carefully checked Banjo's Banjo's ocean of stickies, I've built you quite a sticky-worthy topic RWP newbies will appreciate for generations. To wit:

Mumbo's Mountain
1. find all Jinjos
2. on the ledge to your right, directly from the entrance
3. hit Conga the gorilla with three eggs
4. atop the termite mound; must transform into a termite to get there
5. shoot an egg into each of the totem's mouths
6. in the center of the Stonehenge-like formation, near the mound
7. in the left eye of Mumbo's hut
8. destroy all stick huts near Mumbo's hut
9. give the monkey an orange from Conga's tree
10. have Conga hit the three switches with oranges

Treasure Trove Cove
1. find all Jinjos
2. retrieve Blubber's gold by entering his ship through both locations
3. peck Nipper the crab's eyes three times, then enter his shell
4. inside the giant talking chest on the left side of the stone arc
5. lay two eggs into leaky the bucket, then enter the castle and spell "BANJOKAZOOIE"
6. use the shock-jump pads to enter an inset on the mountain
7. from the platform with the wooden stairs, make your way around the ledge
8. at the very top of the lighthouse
9. beak-bust all red X's, then break open the hopping chest
10. underneath the deepest pool with a mine enemy in it

Clanker's Cavern
1. find all Jinjos
2. in a pipe to the left of Clanker
3. kill all the crabs in a pipe behind Clanker
4. release Clanker by swimming through his key three times
5. at the back of the room with Bottle's molehill in it
6. enter Clanker through his blowhole, and move forward until you reach it
7. enter Clanker through his gills and swim through all the loops
8. knock both Clanker's teeth down with eggs
9. climb Clanker's tail and peck the grate
10. stand on the bolt on Clanker's blowhole; it will propel you to the jiggy

Bubblegloop Swamp
1. find all Jinjos
2. inside the giant pink egg
3. on the branches in the center of the level; activate green switch first
4. on the branches at the back of the level; activate green switch first
5. kill all the frogs on a small island near the center of the level
6. beak-bust all of Tanktup the turtle's flippers
7. win the memory game inside Tanktup by beak-busting the small turtles
8. win eating contest against Mr. Vile; must transform into crocodile first
9. atop the tall trees with mud huts on them
10 shoot an egg into the mouths of all crocodile statues

Freezeezy Peak
1. find all Jinjos
2. find presents for the kids at the igloo
3. release the Christmas lights and kill the monsters that try to eat them
4. transform into a walrus and talk to Wozza the walrus
5. climb atop the snowman, then step on the small led on his scarf
6. win the race against Boggy the polar bear as a walrus
7. win the race against Boggy as Banjo and Kazooie; must use running shoes
8. inside the Christmas tree
9. inside the snowman's pipe
10. beak-bomb the snowman's three buttons

Gobi's Valley
1. find all Jinjos
2. rescue Gobi the camel by beak-busting the rock
3. beak-bust Gobi's hump while he's near the entrance
4. win the memory game inside the pyramid near the back
5. fly through the hoops on the statues' heads
6. inside the sphinx; shoot eggs into his nostrils to enter
7. inside the square pyramid near the center; must use running shoes
8. use running shoes to steal a jiggy from Grabba the mummy
9. lay several eggs into the snake charmer's basket
10. shoot eggs into the stone heads to raise a pyramid, then enter and solve the maze

Mad Monster Mansion
1. find all Jinjos
2. lay eggs into the pots in the graveyard
3. steal the jiggy from Napper the ghost by entering the house through the chimney
4. use running shoes to enter the church, then play the memory game on the organ
5. turn into a pumpkin and flush yourself down the toilet
6. turn into a pumpkin and drop down into the gutters
7. inside a barrel in the cellar
8. in the cellar, spell 'BANJOKAZOOIE' on the giant ouija board
9. at the very top of the church
10. inside the bucket at the well; easiest obtained as a pumpkin

Rusty Bucket Bay
1. find all Jinjos
2. inside the captain's cabin
3. use the crane to raise the cage near the bow
4. at the back of the engine room
5. atop the second funnel
6. inside the steel shack to the left from the entrance
7. sound the whistles in the following order: 312111
8. beak-bust the switch in the anchor room; receive jiggy from the dolphin
9. use the crane to drop explosives onto the deck, then drop down and defeat the boss
10. behind the ship's propellers; activate switch in engine room to stop them

Click-Clock Wood
1. find all Jinjos
2. turn into a bumblebee and retrieve jiggy from the highest flytrap
3. in the room across from the highest flytrap
4. release Eyrie from his egg, then feed him according to his requests
5. lay five eggs into the garden in spring, then use Gobi water it in summer and fall
6. break the rock into the beaver's home in summer, then enter in fall
7. in fall, give Nabnut the squirrel six acorns
8. inside the in-construction treehouse; easiest obtained in fall
9. use shock-jump pads to reach jiggy; easiest obtained in summer
10. in fall, break into the hive and kill all the wasps

Grunty's Lair (levels presented in descending order)
1. atop the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain; switch is near Conga the gorilla
2. on a ledge near the entrance to Treasure Trove Cove; swith is behind the lighthouse
3. beak-bust the Grunty mosaic's eyes; switch is inside Clanker's blowhole
4. inside the large Grunty statue; switch is underneath a mud hut
5. atop the 'advent' calendar, use flight pad to reach it; switch is beneath a snowman enemy
6. inside the sarcophagus; switch is inside the pyramid maze (follow right wall from the exit)
7. inside the Grunty statue's glass eye, shatter it with beak-bomb; switch is high inside the church
8. easily spotted on an icy ledge; switch is near the back of the ship
9. on a high ledge accessible only as a bumblebee; switch is in winter, beside a snowman enemy

...whew! Hope that helps!
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