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The Banjo Kazooie Series General Discussion about the Banjo Kazooie series from the N64 classics to the handheld sequels & new Xbox games.

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Old 17th January 2007, 10:06 PM
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How to Find Every Jiggy in "Banjo-Tooie"

...and all those newbies who have successfully mastered Banjo-Kazooie but are still struggling with its incomparable sequel, Banjo-Tooie, you need not hang yourselves! Here's the conclusion to Mandolin's 100% free strategy guide to the Isle O' Hags and beyond. (I don't own any other Banjo game, so the task of completing this venture must fall to somebody else) Ahem!

Mayahem Temple
1. kill all the flies pestering the cow
2. use the Golden Goliath to wade across the quicksand
3. steal the jiggy from the snake by walking toward it very slowly
4. transform into a stony and win three kickball games at the arena
5. retrieve the 'relic thingy' from the cavemen in Terrydactyland
6. at the very top of Targitzan's temple
7. use the rubber boots to wade across the quicksand
8. outside the pillars vault; it's possible to reach it with a long jump
9. collect ten statues and grab the jiggy in the slightly sacred chamber
10. collect twenty statues and defeat Targitzan in the really sacred chamber

Glitter Gulch Mine
1. open the tunnel in Mayahem Temple so the rat can enter Glitter Gulch Mine
2. use the 'beak bayonet' to defuse all fifteen sticks of dynamite
3. the jiggy is embedded in rock; use Mumbo to take it into the demolitions shed
4. use fire eggs to activate the generators and walk across the caverns
5. in the basement at the power hut; wonderwing provides sufficient light
6. use the springy-step shoes to climb into the waterfall
7. at the entrance to the flooded caves
8. inside the flooded caves, somewhere near the back
9. turn into a detonator to release Canary Mary, then beat her in handcart race
10. defeat Old King Coal inside the boiler room at the train station

1. find all of Mrs. Boggy's children
2. use any three different moves to win at the "Cactus of Strength"
3. climb onto the springboard over the "Dive of Death"
4. use Kazooie to climb the "Inferno" whilst Banjo stands on the switch
5. beat the "Hoop Hurry" game inside the inflatable castle
6. beat the "Balloon Burst" game inside the inflatable castle
7. score over 500 points during the "Sacuer of Peril" ride
8. climb to the top of the "Star Spinner" (shoot a granade egg at the engines to make it spin slower)
9. beat the bumper cars game inside the "Dodgems Dome"
10. defeat Mr. Patch inside the circus tent

Jolly Roger Lagoon
1. buy a jiggy for twenty doubloons at Pawno's Emporium
2. at Atlantis, protect the photographer from piranhas
3. use ice eggs to repair the sunken UFO; retrieve the jiggy when it takes off
4. inside a randomly located transparent fish; use Kazooie to retrieve it
5. behind Mumbo's hut, hatch Tiptup's egg and flip over the baby turtle
6. rescue Merry Maggie from inside the big fish
7. turn into a submarine and destroy the mines at the bottom of the lagoon
8. inside the smuggler's cove; use a granade egg at Jolly's tavern to access it
9. clean and heat the pool so the pigs can go swimming
10. defeat Lord Woo Fak Fak at Davey Jones' Locker.

1. defeat Terry on the nest at the mountain summit
2. drill a hole in the center of Terry's nest
3. hatch all four of Terry's eggs
4. use clockwork eggs to kill the armored cavemen
5. transform into a baby tyrannosaur and roar to open the grate
6. take food from Witchyworld to the cavemen, then light their torches on fire
7. use wonderwing to activate the switch at the back of the stomping plains
8. take water from Cloud Cuckooland to the thirsty dinosaur
9. use Mumbo and the train to solve the styracosaurs' various problems
10. destroy the parasites inside the water-dwelling dinosaur's stomach

Grunty Industries
1. use Banjo to activate the switch inside the trash compactor
2. beat the "Twinkly Packing" games at the packing department
3. use granade eggs to destroy the Rare barrels at quality control
4. clean the factory airways of mold in the "Clinker Cavern" games
5. in a warehouse in the fifth floor; unscrew the metal platform to reach it
6. turn into a washing machine and wash the six rabbits' uniforms
7. use Banjo to activate the switch at the waste disposal plant
8. use Kazooie to kill the small robots on the platform above the first floor
9. defeat Weldar in the air conditioning plant; use the shock-jump pad to reach the jiggy
10. use Banjo to retrieve it from beneath the acid at the waste disposal plant

Hailfire Peaks
1. use the portal in Terrydactyland to enter the ice cave
2. win three kickball games (as a stony in Mayahem Temple, use the portal to reach Hailfire Peaks)
3. alternate between Banjo and Kazooie to activate all switches at the colosseum
4. activate all switches inside the volcano
5. use Banjo to catch a fish on the Lava Side, then take it to Boggy on the Ice Side
6. alternate between Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo to take Sabreman to his tent
7. alternate between Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo to rescue four aliens
8. turn into a snowball to activate the oil drill, then use Banjo to reach the jiggy
9. use Gobi's water to cool the train engine, then take it to the Ice Side station.
10. defeat Chilli Billi on the Lava Side and Chilly Willy on the Ice Side

Cloud Cuckooland
1. shoot a hundred jiggies inside the "Pot O' Gold" game
2. use Kazooie to kill the germs inside the giant trash can
3. beat Canary Mary in a clockwork mouse race (stay close behind her until the very end)
4. transform into a bumblebee and kill all the eyeball plants
5. as a bumblebee, beat the wasps' game inside the giant hive
6. use clockwork eggs to discover the safebox's combination
7. use Banjo to enter the gelatin castle and retrieve the jiggy
8. use Banjo to enter the cheese wedge and retrieve the jiggy
9. alternate between Banjo and Kazooie to win three athletic events
10. defeat Mingy Jongo inside the false Mumbo hut.

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