Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Interview

Gamespot UK have had the chance to interview Rare senior designer Shaun Read and producer Andy Wilson.

They go into detail about the vehicle building system, which seems to be limited by just your imagination. There are over a hundred unique components to choose from, with 1600 components in total. So the combinations that you have to play with are pretty much endless.

Showdown Town is the brand new hub world. Within that are six world which have been dreamt up by brand new character, Lord of Games (LOG). They refer to these worlds as Challenge Worlds. One of the challenges mentioned is the long jump where the objective is to jump as far off a ramp as you can, using your created vehicle. First thoughts would be to build the fastest machine you can, but as one of them points out, you'd actually be better off building a spherical vehicle which would continue to roll further when it's landed. So going back to the vehicle creation mechanic, it really does mean you can create whatever shaped vehicle you want, in an attempt to get the best score on the challenge.

Watch the full interview here
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