Battletoads are Coming to Shovel Knight on Xbox One

During today's Microsoft GDC press conference, we saw the first glimpse of Battletoads running on an Xbox One - it just wasn't in a Battletoads game.

Today at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced that the indie-hit Shovel Kinght would be coming to the Xbox One, with the Battletoads making an appearance. While we don't have further information at this time, this is just one of the many hints towards a next-generation Battletoads game being development.

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, himself wore a Battletoads shirt during Microsoft's Hololens and Windows Ten unveiling. An unabashed fan of the franchise, Spencer is piling on the hype to add to the hints from the Twycross-based Rare about new games in development. But what did Phil have to say about the placement of the Battletoads characters in the Shovel Knight announcement?

"That wasn't me."

You can watch the full GDC Xbox press conference here shortly.
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