Big Huge Games saved & George K. leaving Rare

You may recall two months ago when it was announced that Big Huge Games could be closing down if a buyer for the studio could not be found. Obviously, this was particularly important to the Rare community due to the fact that in July of last year, beloved composer Grant Kirkhope would be leaving Rare to work at Big Huge Games.

Well, if you were worried, as many of us were, it looks like everything's going to be alright: Big Huge Games has been purchased by 38 Studios, saving it. Huzzah!

Of course, we also have a Rare departure to announce: George Kelion, Rare's community manager, is leaving Rare tomorrow (May 29th) to work on Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment's European PR team. Best of luck to George at his new job.

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Big Huge Games returns
George Kelion leaving Rare.
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