Concept Art Winner Announced

We had our 8th birthday last month, and to celebrate, Rare were kind enough to give us some framed Banjo concept art signed by Ryan Stevenson.

We ran a competition here on The RWP to give our awesome members the chance to win it. All they had to do was design their very own Banjo level. Gregg Mayles, creative director at Rare took time out of his busy schedule to judge the entries, and now we can reveal just who the lucky sod is. What's even worse is now we have to take it down from our wall :(

And the winner is....

SS Seaman - Watkinzez

"I felt that this was the winner because it had the best balance of innovation within what is expected of a Banjo world and something that I could instantly envisage working really well. The setting of a Submarine is something that I have not seen before and could quite easily fit into either of the previous Banjo games. The idea of the Jiggy collecting order having a global effect on the world, with each Jiggy having its advantages and disadvantages of being collected earlier or later, is a really cool one. It would offer intrigue, require decision making and also have excellent replay value as you attempt the Jiggies in different orders - whether simply out of curiosity or trying to achieve a faster 'everything done' time. It also had a cheeky name that even we wouldn't try to get away with!"


Evolving Village - Zy0n7

"I really liked the use of time in how the village changes. It reminded me of Click Clock Wood."

Grunty's Mouth - Tanjo

"Very cool idea for a Game World and perfectly Banjo. I would have liked to have seen more innovation in how the world was played."

Pinnacle of Creation - SquareMeal

"This was probably the most creative entry. The blueprint look was neat, but I think it needed more character in order to feel like it was from a Banjo game."

Outlet Outrage - Coolboyman

"A world based in a shopping mall was intriguing, as was collecting money to purchase things. I felt that this had a lot of potential that needed further thought."

Creative Plains - Cheezedoodles

"The idea that the world gradually got better as you collected the Jiggies was great. Having to collect the Jiggies in a fixed order was not so great!"

Massive congrats to Watkinzez!, and a big thanks to Gregg, George and everyone that entered. It's not everyday that you get the King of Banjo reading your level ideas :)

Here's the winning entry for those who haven't read it yet.

Take a gander at this lovely prize one last time. Treat it with care Watkinzez!
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