David Wise Leaves Rare

In the latest saddening Rare departure, David Wise is no longer working at Rare. On his Facebook page, he cited that "I think the business of Rare has changed a great deal, and at the moment there is just not the opportunity to create the soundtracks that Rare were fortunately very famous for."

David Wise has been at Rare for most of the company's existence, having joined in 1985. He was also the only composer there until around 1994. He has composed many soundtracks; well-known examples including the Donkey Kong Country series, Battletoads, and Star Fox Adventures, among many others.

As always, I believe it can be agreed that this is quite a loss for Rare, and we hope that the future is bright for Wise.

Thanks to Kain Horward for posting this on the forums. Discuss it in his thread.
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