Goldeneye to launch in November?

Activision's remake of Goldeneye will be released in November according to Eurogamer. Details on the game, being developed by Eurocom in Derby, are still unclear but all will be revealed at E3, later this month.

A new Goldeneye has suffered some hitches on the way to seeing the light of day. Rare, the original developer had completely ported the game to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, but Nintendo reportedly put a spanner in the works and the game was never released.

A few years ago, Activision approached Free Radical Design with a deal to remake Goldeneye. The Nottingham company quickly developed a prototype using their Timesplitters 4 engine, but more legal problems were foreseen and the project was scrapped.

No surprises then, that Nintendo have allowed a remake of Goldeneye which will appear on their Wii system. The whole thing seems very sneaky, but it seems fitting that the game should return on a Nintendo system. For those worrying about having to use the Wii remote for aiming, the classic controller is fully supported.

It is also reported that a version is being developed for the Nintendo DS.
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