Grabbed by the Ghoulies completed

We've completed Grabbed by the Ghoulies; yes, we've done it.

In a one-sitting batch play, 6 hrs 23 minutes and some seconds, with an 81% ranking. And our immediate reaction: this game is simply amazing. Buy this game! The final boss fight was brilliant, and the afterwards was equally as fun. Rare has packed in the adult humor (there's some humping and hilarious dialogue - see if you can pick it up), as well as an exceptional level design and concept for a game (and also a funny Star Wars and Goldeneye reference). The best part of the game: the Grim Reaper, who can be used to your advantage, but is very dangerous. When you fail a room objective, the Grim Reaper comes and chases you, but any ghouls in its path get killed as well.

We cannot give enough praise to Rare for this one, and the Banjo team has done very well for itself. You'll want to play this game again, absolutely, immediately after you finish it, and there's also a variety of challenges that are difficult, and require a platinum medal to unlock pictures from the gallery. Not to mention you must collect 100 Rareware books throughout the game (5 to unlock each challenge), and we only collected 41 in our initial play.

As promised here's the Stop N Swop screenshot as mentioned last night, and also a quite funny Banjo Kazooie hangman right next to it, both from the School level. Also, the cameos in this game reach an extraordinary level. We've captured every one in our run through, and we'll have that for you within the next few days. Again, kudos to Chris Allcock for his continued success in at Rare. Cel shading never looked better: even I must admit it was a good choice here. Within next week or two, you'll be seeing our comprehensive review, cameos special (with every one in the game that we saw - and there are a lot of BK/BT and Mr Pants ones), and in the near future...we'll explore its secrets as only we do best.

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