Halo Invades Killer Instinct's Third Rondo of DLC

Last year, we got a glimpse at some exciting news for the future of the Killer Instinct reboot, including a Windows 10 release announcement and the inclusion of Rash the Battletoad as a surprise guest fighter. As of January 30th, however, it looks like Rash isn't going to be the only outsider taking potshots at Jago and Fulgore.

The new teaser trailer released on January 30th shows off what appears to be a new stage set inside the ruins of a Covenant stronghold during an attack. Despite what you would initially think, however, our beloved Spartan-117 is nowhere to be found in the trailer. Rather, the mysterious newcomer in the trailer was unmistakably our old Sangheili friend, the Arbiter.

While only 18 seconds in length, the teaser trailer clearly showed the Arbiter reloading his carbine and brandishing an energy sword, implying that Arby might be a bit more versatile in both close-quarters combat and projectile usage. It remains to be seen if his moveset will consist of even more iconic Covenant weaponry.

On top of the Halo teaser, the character trailer for returning veteran Kim Wu was also revealed on January 30th, complete with her own brand-new stage. She will be joining the roster in Season 3 alongside Tusk, who was confirmed earlier this month by Microsoft Studios creative lead Adam Isgreen to be making his return.

Though a defined release date for Season 3 still hasn't been set, the fans will be content that they can finally get their hands on the Rash vs. Arbiter dream match they've always wanted in March of 2016.

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