Microsoft's Phil Spencer Teases Rare Fans With Battletoads Shirt

With bated breath and calm minds, millions of Rare fans across the world tuned in to Microsoft's Windows 10 Announcement with the rumors of major Xbox news at hand. While no new Banjo-Kazooie game was announced (just a crazy ass virtual reality headset know as HoloLens,) Microsoft's Head of Xbox Phil Spencer came on stage wearing a very familiar logo on his t-shirt.

Longtime Rare fans will recognize this as the logo from Battletoads, a classic 1991 NES Rare game renowned for it's intense difficulty and its inability to be purchased at a Gamestop. Battletoads has been a prime candidate for a revival by the Twycross-based developer, with Microsoft renewing the Battletoads trademark in November of last year.

While no formal game announcements came out of the Windows 10 presser, despite cryptic Rare tweets about squirrels, Microsoft did make many Xbox announcements. Aside from the previously mentioned holographic technology, Microsoft unveiled game streaming from an Xbox One to any Windows 10 device, a new Xbox app for Windows, and the release of the upcoming Fable: Legends for Windows.

Rare fans; you'll just have to wait for E3.

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