A New Name and Platform for Rare?

Recently Microsoft has started looking for a 2D UI Artist "to create amazing art for Win 8 Mobile and Tablet devices" and a Lead Game Designer to be "the senior creative figure within our Windows 8 development team".

It seems fitting that with the move to add mobile/tablet gaming to Rare's focus on Kinect games that there are rumors of a name change coming. Marcel, editor at, speaking with Emily Rogers, of, via Twitter mentions that he "just got word that MS is thinking about a name change for the studio due next year".

"They haven't yet decided if their loaded name is a liability or an asset."

Going to just about any of the Rare fan sites and viewing community reaction, what was once excitement and a mad dash to obtain any newly released Rare game is now an almost universal dislike of anything new Rare. To the old fans of Rare/Rareware the current company is nothing more than a new company with the same name so a name change would be the final step in this journey to a new direction Rare has been on for years.
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