New Nuts & Bolts videos has updated with four new Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts videos, covering different parts of the game.

The first shows some footage of the vehicle editor in Mumbo's Motors. It also shows a little bit of the Test Track where you can test your vehicles (though not much, as it cuts off there).

The second shows some footage of around Showdown Town, including dropping a Game Globe on the plinth, driving around, and tightrope-walking.

The third shows off a couple of challenges in Jiggoseum. The first challenge is one that was mentioned in early previews, where you run your vehicle down a ramp and then try to get it to move the farthest after falling (here, a vehicle with a cylindrical, detachable cockpit is used). The next requires you to manuever around a course with a vehicle Trophy Thomas provides to you, trying to beat his time. There are dominoes scattered about which, if knocked over, put a five-second penalty on your time.

The final video is just some random multiplayer footage, but it's still amusing.
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