Nuts & Bolts Character Wallpaper

Hidden within the latest edition of scribes was a hidden competition for people to enter. People had to send in which of the 5 scenarios posted on Rare's site on April 1st they thought was correct.

Rumour One: Banjo and Grunty team up against a new threat, falling in love in the process.
Sexy post-transformation Grunty makes a return and proves irresistible to our heroic bear, much to Kazooie's disgust. Can the mismatched trio defeat their fire-breathing foe?

Rumour Two: Kazooie is abducted by aliens and Banjo heads out to search the cosmos.
Partway through his low-gravity exploits, he discovers who's taken her... and it's a familiar face from the Rare archives who has been 'turned to the green side' by Grunty.

Rumour Three: Banjo and Kazooie travel back through time in pursuit of the witch's giant T.I.T.
Grunty drives her Time Interfering Truck back to before the bear and bird met. The duo must reintroduce themselves and relearn everything they know in a completely new way!

Rumour Four: Banjo comes out of retirement to stop his home being redeveloped into tower blocks and malls.
To end the struggle, a capricious higher power engineers a bear/witch showdown through worlds of the imagination with Spiral Mountain's ownership deeds going to the victor.

Rumour Five: War comes to Spiral Mountain, and Banjo becomes a reluctant leader.
Ever seen a Jinjo Tank? Or Grunty's Grappling Grenadier Grunts? You will when you take on our innovative RTS-platformer hybrid campaign.

It seems that GameSpotting, and a few of our forum members, are the lucky ones who have been treated with a Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Character wallpaper (viewable here) attached to an email from Leigh Loveday himself.

"You're not wrong, guv. Rumour 4 it was, and here's your ingenious postage-eliminating digital prize: a big slice of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts character wallpaper, exclusive (until someone goes and sticks it on a forum) to you and the 30 or so other contest winners. Enjoy!"

The character wallpaper might give us clues on new characters, returning characters or characters somewhere in between. You can discuss the wallpaper on our forums here and as always we invite you to discuss the latest news on any of Rare's games on our forums.
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