Playtonic: Raising the Curtain

A ton of new Yooka-Laylee news has been released by Platonic over the weekend, including new artwork, characters (including the main villain), a release date for the Toybox demo, and so much more!

It is truly an exciting time to be a Playtonic/Rareware fan! From all of the current news on the official Playtonic Games website, to the news coming in the following weeks in Edge Magazine on May 26 and E3 early next month, we are sure to have our hands full!

So let's get right to the facts: The new main villain's name is 'CAPITAL B', he runs a 'DIABOLICAL PUBLISHING CORPORATION IN HIVORY TOWERS' that has swooped in and taken control of an 'INGENIOUS TECH FIRM, QUACK CORP'

There are a few new characters such as 'DOCTOR QUACK' and 'DOCTOR PUZZ', one of which is a duck, the other an octopus that will be the Mumbo of the game, transforming you during various parts of the adventure.

There is a lot more little details to read on PLAYTONIC'S WEBSITE, so head on over and get your fill! And be sure to check back here for updates on anything Playtonic or Rare!
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