Rare assessing classic franchises

According to an interview he did with Digital Spy, studio head Craig Duncan has said that Rare is no longer a Kinect-only studio and would consider revisiting old franchises.

In the article on Digital Spy he says: "For us it's, 'Let's pick the right creative idea and the right game to go and build', and is Kinect the right input for that? Or is it controller, or is it SmartGlass or PC-based or touch?"

He goes on to say: "If it's an old IP for a new idea we had that we can show on a new platform in an interesting way, then of course we go look at it."

"Then you're asking the question of, 'Should this be a new IP or should this be something we already own in our own portfolio?' They're the kind of decisions and discussions we have pretty regularly, actually."

Rare recently revisited a past franchise in the 2013 game Killer Instinct which was jointly developed by Double Helix Games and Rare. The game was set several years after the events of Killer Instinct 2. Prior to this Rare's dip into old IPs was the 2008 Banjo-Kazooie game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts which received mixed reactions from fans.

Would you rush out to buy a new game for a familiar franchise or have you lost interest in revisiting the characters of your younger days? Drop by the forums and let us know.
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