Rare: New IP's for Natal Launch

In an interview with Games TM magazine, Rare's head of studio Mark Betteridge has commented on their forthcoming titles for Natal. Talking about their first experience with Natal, Betteridge said, "When we saw the blank piece of paper that Natal can be, we were immediately drawn to offering something brand new and not trying to think how we could replicate anything that's been done previously."

"Everything you'll see from us will be new, right from the menus. People are skeptical; they will ask if that's really possible and I'll sit here and say 'yes, it is'. That's because of the software we've been working on; we're quite a way out dev-wise and it's looking really, really good, so I'd expect to see everything new from us - at least initially."

He certainly didn't rule out revisits to old franchises in the future, but confirmed that all their future titles will utilise Natal technology. "That doesn't necessarily mean that the door is completely closed for recognisable IP, but if we did revisit an existing series it would obviously have to be something that would work fantastically with Natal."

"Rare has been in the business now for 25 years, which is a long time for any company, especially a videogame one - and we've sold more than 100 million games. So there's a lot of content there that we can draw on, but it wouldn't be the conventional way we did that game before - it would be a brand new way."

Also of note is Games TM's Next Episode artwork. Mr Pant's Avatar Paintshop.....anyone?

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