Rare unveils new Banjo site

Rare has unveiled a teaser Banjo site presumably for the new Banjo Threeie game.

There's not much on their site, but it may indicate we will soon be seeing a promotional campaign for Banjo Threeie, including possible screenshots. Here's a link to the site teaser video in case you can't install silverlight.

Also, some interesting tidbits uncovered at our forums from the web page's source code:
Main, Forums, Blogs, Leaderboards, PhotoMode.

We don't know what photo mode is, but leaderboards are always a good thing. Might be a clue to something in Banjo Threeie. And blogs? Perhaps even a forum. Another interesting note is that it's called "Introducing Banjo Kazooie for Xbox 360". We don't see an official name for the game anywhere, but that's as close as we're going to get for now.
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