Stop 'n' Swop Website Unveiled!

When Microsoft/Rare put up the Banjo Kazooie teaser site, fans everywhere were given a little slice of joy.

This was probably because it was the first bit of solid advancement that we've seen about the game in a long, long time. Well, they haven't stopped there, it seems. Late last night, we stumbled across this awesome discovery which should bring even more pleasure, and welcomed with open arms. That's right, Stop 'n' Swop is making a comeback.

While the teaser site doesn't give much away, it does confirm that Rare have indeed made the decision to include the long lost game mechanic into the new Banjo game. We're not too sure how it would work, but we could theorize that we'd see a modified version of the N64 game on Xbox Live Arcade that would be able to talk to the new 360 version. We're certainly not ruling that possibility out, because we think there is more than meets the eye to the "breakdown in communication" regarding the Goldeneye on Xbox Live debacle. Maybe they get to publish Banjo Kazooie on XBLA as a compromise.

Hopefully we'll see some more updates to this site, like has been promised for the Banjo-Kazooie teaser site. We spoke to Rare this morning, and they refused to comment on the site, or their decision to re-introduce the feature back into the series. Perhaps we weren't supposed to find it just yet.

This was our April Fools Joke 2008
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