Two New Nuts & Bolts Videos

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the largest annual gaming convention, showcasing the top new titles on the working bench of all the major developers. Fans of the Banjo series have been eagerly anticipating its starting date, July 15th, in the hopes of receiving a mountain of new information and media pertaining to Nuts & Bolts. Thanks to game source giant IGN, their wish has been granted early.

Two new exclusive videos are now available via their website. The first starts off with a segment of the intro movie, offering gamers their first full glimpse of Spiral Mountain and the out of shape edition of the lead duo. It goes on to show the basic mechanics of the game and tour the hub world, Showdown Town. Clip two is much less broad, focusing on "Banjo Land," a world comprised of all nineteen areas from the previous installment of the series.

New Nuts & Bolts Video 1
New Nuts & Bolts Video 2

As always, discussion and in-depth analyzation of the footage is being held on the forum.
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