Vehicle Blueprints Can Be Traded

In an interview with Eurogamer, Mark Betteridge explained how users will be able to trade the vehicles they have created.

"A significant part of the game is the community aspect, the ability to trade blueprints and see what else other people have built," said Betteridge. "Within a few hours, our testers had built things as diverse as a space shuttle that actually took off vertically, someone else made an aircraft carrier... Someone else made a Godzilla, complete with breathing fire and laser eyes! They all actually worked, as vehicles."

"When you think of vehicles, there's a tendency for people to think of a plane, a boat, a car or something of that type," he says. "There are many, many different aspects to this, though, and once we've had this game on the market for a while, I think we'll be all stunned by the variety in what the community comes up with."

We always expected that this feature would be present because a game with such focus on creativity has to let the users share their designs. I would imagine you could then take your friends design and improve it, or ruin it depending on whose perspective you look at it from. We're certainly looking forward to see what our members can come up with.

You can read the full article here. They also got a chance to have a hands-on with Nuts & Bolts, so while you are there you might aswell check out that article.
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