Young Conker Announced for Microsoft HoloLens

To the collective horror of Rare fanboys everywhere, Microsoft announced the opening of preorders for their HoloLens augmented reality headset, and along with it a new Conker game.

According to Microsoft's press release, the new platform game entitled Young Conker "takes traditional platform gaming mechanics and sets them loose in your real world environment as the gameplay level. This creates gameplay that can only be done in mixed reality."

Young Conker tailors each specific level to the room that you are playing in, leading to different experiences depending on where you play the game. The game will be developed by Asobo Studio, "has been at the forefront of holographic development from the beginning."

To play Young Conker, you'll have to preorder your HoloLens at Microsoft's site for a cool $3,000, along with living in the US or Canada and being a Windows Insider. The first wave of development kits will be shipping out on March 30th of this year.

We speak for Rare fans everywheree when we say, $3,000 is probably too much to play to have Conker running around your living room.
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