• A screenshot from Diddy Kong Racing DS has surfaced in the light of E3.
  • I was flicking through THQ's latest press brochure and was astonished to find some promotional material on Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo DS.
  • It seems that Rare are developing games for Nintendo DS.
  • There are rumblings of a possible beta Banjo Tooie map.
  • Details of the partnership are finally revealed.
  • Video of Tooie's much talked about feature.
  • Our amazing tool gets a showcase in classic magazine.
  • Rare continue GBA development, as Microsoft turns down the handheld market.
  • We've completed Grabbed by the Ghoulies; yes, we've done it.
  • Rare tease us with Stop 'n' Swop in Ghoulies.
  • Well, it seems as though we are back again, and we can definitely say that it feels good.
  • Multi-Property Agreement Includes Popular Banjo-Kazooie Brand
  • Well, a year has passed since we released the wonderful Banjo Kazooie cheats to the world.
  • Here's part of the beta update we promised.
  • Rare teases the hackers with hidden text?
  • You'd beta watch this one.
  • That's right folks, it's our first birthday here at The Rare Witch Project.
  • The Rare Witch Project has done it again. After months of examining the game's code, we've broken Rare's secret encryption system.
  • One eagle-eyed Nintendo fan has spotted the similarities between 80's classic Crystal Castles and our favourite N64 romp, Banjo Kazooie.
  • According to certain sources, the interaction between the cartridges to obtain the secret items will not happen now.
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