• Amidst the flow of Banjo-Kazooie 3 screenies, we've also found some of an upcoming Viva Piñata game, which seems to feature co-op play.
  • The floodgates are open as more Banjo-Kazooie 3 screenshots emerge.
  • The first screenshots for Rare's new Banjo game have started to trickle onto the internet.
  • After a break of a few months, there is finally a new Scribes on Rare's site.
  • Rare have recently updated their website with a jazzy new video section.
  • You've signed up to the "I want that concept art!" group, and now we reveal just what you've got to do to "Get that concept art!".
  • Rumors are spreading around the net that Banjo information is set to be released in the middle of May.
  • To celebrate our 8th birthday here at RWP, we've teamed up with Rare to offer you the chance to win a signed piece of Banjo concept art.
  • We've got some bad new folks, the SNS website is just another RWP April Fools prank.
  • When Microsoft/Rare put up the Banjo Kazooie teaser site, fans everywhere were given a little slice of joy.
  • Ever fancied burning round the racetrack in a Banjo Kazooie branded car?
  • Rare has unveiled a teaser Banjo site presumably for the new Banjo Threeie game.
  • Leigh Loveday has given us a new scribes, so time for plenty of ambiguous and sarcastic responses.
  • Shane Kim: Banjo will be a big hit this holiday.
  • Join Erika and Deacon as they battle through 48 hours of Donkey Kong Country on Wii's Virtual Console.
  • A really interesting and quite extensive article on how Rare recruits fresh talent.
  • Rare's Paul Machacek, producer of the DS title has answered some questions.
  • Marathon Gamer is hosting a Banjo Kazooie marathon on the 25th of January at 7pm MST.
  • We show our support to get Goldeneye to Xbox Live Arcade.
  • More questions answered by Rare.
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