Episode 15 - Just the Two of Us

This week, the roundtable discusses Hell's Forum, Xbox 360 Dashboard advertisements and licensed avatar clothing.

General Information
Members: Gaming Master2k, Gruntling
Taping Time: July 3rd, 2009 (5:00 PST, 7:00 EST)

#3- Hell's Forum
#2- Ads Coming To Xbox 360 Dashboard?
#1- Licensed Avatar Clothing Starts Rolling Out

Forum Watch
Gaming Master2k- Games you own but have never played
Gruntling- The games of your childhood

Email of the week
"Hey guys, this is Avarice here, and I want to know what is your favorite video game genre and why. I personally can't decide between platformers and RPG's, so I guess that's why I really enjoy games like the original Kingdom Hearts."
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