Episode 19 - Cabalism, Capitalism or Cannibalism

This week the team discuss Microsoft stores, Twitter and Facebook on the Xbox 360 and the sales figures for the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

General Information
Members: Gaming Master2k, Grey Jinjo, Bottles98, Gruntling
Taping Time: July 31st, 2009 (2:00 PST, 5:00 EST)

#3- First Microsoft Stores Opening in Arizona, California
#2- Twitter, Facebook Should Be On 360 Before Christmas
#1- Xbox Division Sees 66% Drop / Sony Game Business Sales Drops 18% / Nintendo Sales down 40%

Forum Watch
Gaming Master2k- What should rare release next? New IP? Old Franchise?
Grey Jinjo- RWPs Best RWPs Best
Bottles98- Canabalism
Gruntling- Departed members that you miss.

Email of the week
"Hey Roundtable,
I've recently decided to log in to my RWP account first time a couple years and not just listen to the podcast. Now I know many of you have been part the forums for many years but I wonder what makes you all keep coming back? Is it the users, your devotion to Rare, what?

Virtual High Fives
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