Episode 44 - The After Clip Show

Episode #44: The After Clip Show
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Release Date: Tuesday August 13, 2014 11:00 PM PST

  • Andre
  • Grey Jinjo
  • Gaming Master2k
  • Bottles98
  • Gruntling
  • Leah
  • Ice Mario
  • Hakey Wake
  • Danny Trabajo
  • Madous
  • Derek
  • Siege
  • Jubilee

Show Notes:
This week, since I was at a music festival all weekend, I went through and found my favorite of the aftershows. Since our podcast is truly terrible, I'd guess that many of you haven't made it through to after the end titles to hear some of the funniest bits. It's where the cast lets loose or shows off our shortcomings. Next Sunday, we'll be back with a new episode, but for now, listen to some of the best moments of the After Show, from 2009 to today!
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