Episode 7 - Ice Never Beat Tooie

This week, special guest Ice Mario and the team talk about the newly released Banjo Tooie over XBLA, a Perfect Dark rerelease, and your questions.

#3- Nuts & Bolts: Competition Winners
#2- Perfect Dark XBLA Confirmed?
#1- Banjo-Tooie hits Xbox Live Arcade

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Forced To Talk To...
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  • mebecj
  • 3V1L L33T

"Hello Roundtable!

I was listening last week (Episode 4) and one of you said something along the lines of "Had the Mario series been just Mario 1 and 2, it would have been a cult classic like Pacman or Galaga."

Am I the only one that would have preferred it that way? If you look around recently there have been some pretty cool upgrades of Pacman, and some pretty crappy updates of Mario. Had Mario stayed a cult classic, it may have gravitated to other consoles in spin-offs and updates of the original, in the same way as Pac-man: Championship Edition or Pac-man world.

Maybe if it had, side-scrollers would be a more prominent genre nowadays.

I await your responses."-mebecj
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