Episode 8 - Virus Database Has Been Updated

This week, first time host Hakey Wake joins Gaming Master2k, Gruntling, and Andre to discuss NPD numbers and the categories for the Rare Witch Awards.

#2- April NPD Figures Released
#1- Rare Witch Awards Categories/Nominations and Logo Designer

Forum Watch
Andre- Nerdiest thing about you
Gaming Master2k- Lost season 5 finale
Gruntling- Going to E3?
Hakey Wake- Forum format

"Hey, it's Theguyoverthere. First off, I'm curious as to who does your music for the show. The theme that plays at the beginning and end, who "wrote" that?

Anywho, now to the bulk of my email...Does anyone else besides me miss the Diddy Kong Racing concept of controlled weapons? If you want to get a homing missile, you have to save up your red balloons, etc. I really liked this and wish it would make a come back. There's nothing more frusterating than owning somebody the whole race in Mario Kart and then geting hit by a blue shell that your friend just happened to get at the last second. I just wish more racing games used the DKR concept. It'd also be awesome if Rare could bring back DKR, except remove the Diddy Kong part... Maybe a Banjo Racer? Just in the same style of DKR.

Anyway, that's about it from me."
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