Banjo-Threeie: Chapters

Banjo and Kazooie are back for brand new adventure! Banjo Threeie Chapters: Chapter 1 is about exploring Grunty's old lair and seeing how much of an impact two years of being blocked off from the world has made.

Chapter One has been released. Download Now!

There are 3 brand new levels to venture through in this chapter. Banjo must battle through a forest secluded by mushrooms, an underground tunnel infested with termites and a sandy desert crawling with spiders. Each world has it's own boss that Banjo must defeat to earn the final jiggy allowing him to proceed. Banjo Threeie Chapters goes back to the original platforming style that featured in the first two games, which means that Banjo must jump over gaps, climb up ledges, bounce off shock spring pads and swim underwater to achieve the goal. Banjo's old moves have made a comeback too like the rat-a-tat rap and the breegul blaster. Throughout the game you will notice many familiar faces make a return. Even characters that haven't made an appearance since the original Banjo Kazooie! See how everyone is getting on and how they interact with the characters from Banjo Tooie. In order to proceed through the game you are on a constant quest to collect a number of items including jiggies, notes and mumbo tokens. Jiggies and notes allow you to escape from a world and they also unlock locked doors found across Grunty's lair. Banjo Threeie Chapters is a story that takes place directly after the events of Banjo Tooie so this is a must-have for fans of the original series!

Banjo Threeie Chapters will be released in chapters that will follow directly on from each other. The benefits of me releasing the game this way are: it allows me to keep the files size small and take my time with the storyline, it lets me enable stop n swop interaction between chapters, it lets me listen to feedback and take into account fan ideas when creating the next chapter and it also lets me carry on with my normal life whilst people are playing with the released chapter.

Release Info
18th June 2011



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