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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was Nintendo’s premiere launch title for the N64 way back in 1996. In many ways it changed the future of gaming with its 3D style and revolutionary controls. But before we get ahead of ourselves, development for the title actually started in 1991 for the SNES, right after Super Mario World! At that time [i]SM64[i] was called Super Mario FX. Due to the SNES’s limitations, actual production could never be realized, so development was ported to the Nintendo 64 late in the SNES’s life.

The brand new console brought many possibilities and sound was one of them. Koji Kondo single-handedly wrote all of the game’s music, nearly forty songs, capitalizing on the new sound properties. The end result was a dash of old blended with original inspirations, and today we have classic and memorable tunes from an unforgettable video game.
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