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Yoshi's Island

In 1995, the SNES was a mature platform approaching the end of its life. It was facing stiff competition from Sega, Sony’s PlayStation had just been released in Japan, and the Nintendo 64 was well within distance. Nintendo needed to revitalize its aging console and Yoshi’s Island was going to be the game to do it!

The game we see today, however, wasn’t always so. Supposedly, the game’s youthful and cartoony look came about from a dispute between Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo’s internal evaluation committee. Nintendo wanted graphics akin to Donkey Kong Country. They wanted something 3D-like and cutting-edge to prove to the world that the SNES was quite capable compared to the completion. Miffed at this proposition, Miyamoto resubmitted his previous ideas with an exaggerated look that mimicked crayon and felt-pen drawings. This time Nintendo accepted.

Master composer Koji Kondo brilliantly matches the unique and colorful look of Yoshi’s Island with light tunes. But instead of typical Mario fanfare, he presents something a bit more youthful and innocent. Don’t be fooled, however! Despite the cute appearance, and occasional sugary overtone, the soundtrack has much fun and pleasure all around. Have a listen (in HD) and enjoy the fifteenth episode!

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