Super Mario DS Save Modifier

What is it?
Super Mario DS Save Modifier allows you to load Max Drive (.dss)* files or raw save binaries and then change certain in-game aspects such as giving yourself all the power stars or unlocking all the characters.

After opening the application you can either create a new save or load an existing one you have backed up using Max Drive. This will show you the current state of the save and each individual Slot. You can now use the toggle images to add/remove items in your save. To create a new slot or switch between slots just click the star associated with the slot.

Helpful tips
If you want to add all stars for the selected level just click the All button to the right of the level stars, or if you are feeling lazy right-click on the app and choose Award All Items/Stars to give you all Power Stars and Castle Secret Stars. You can also choose Complete Save from the menu, this will put the selected slot to a completed state. note: SMDS Save Modifier cannot undo some of the events set by this action.

*Max Drive for DS is available from


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