Episode 9 - Mesa

Special guest Hakey Wake returns with Gaming Master2k, Gruntling, and Bottles98 to discuss Scribes and the new Platinum Hits Collection titles.

General Information
Members: Gaming Master2k, Bottles98, Gruntling, Hakey Wake
Taping Time: May 22nd, 2009 (2:00 PST, 5:00 EST)

#2- New Titles Join the Xbox 360 Platinum Hits Collection
#1- New Scribes

Forum Watch
Gaming Master2k- Capability to tell the future
Bottles98- Royal Wii
Gruntling- How much farther do you think graphics will improve? *1, *2
Hakey Wake- "Metal Gear Solid 5 Teased?"

"Hello Round table,

I was just wondering what you guys thought about banjo-tooie dlc. If there was dlc, the dlc that i would want is new missions, and obviously online play. What would you guys like to see in it if there would ever be dlc.


*1 Picture of Crysis mentioned in the discussion:
*2 Article on Fuel mentioned in the discussion:
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